Saturday, May 5, 2012

British care system harbors organized pedophile rings

Higher Insight is a blog created to address the problem of organized pedophile rings sheltered by the British care system, a situation that is compounded by the involvement of international Freemasonry and other powerful institutions. Please look into the blog, which was written by a former employee of the British care system who became aware of the problem during her work as a counselor. As usual, the story involve elements that will be familiar to anyone knowledgeable with the Monarch mind control program, such as ritualized torture, memory compartmentalization and the complicity of the medical establishment. The blog currently seems to have an audience much smaller than it deserves, so please take efforts to publicize the information the author has graciously provided. And to verify the veracity of these claims, the similarity of cicumstances in the Hollie Grieg case will also be revealed with adequate research.