Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recovered memories of Monarch programming

FYI, this article was originally published on Educate-yourself, a hate-based site that promotes prejudice against various groups of people. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves before swallowing the divisive right wing propaganda published by the domain owner. Despite these issues the following article is informative.

January 28, 2014, Mike wrote:

Hi there. This is not a story. This is true. I am a relic. A child of another generation. My dad thought he worked for the Mafia. He believed his job was watching doorways. Truth was, his children worked for the Mafia while he was paid to stand in doorways and forget. We were dropped at Church and Mason sites in Boston, programmed and indoctrinated, and at some point worked as children doing things they have children do. Like for me, I was a key maker, all I had to do was put my mouth on a persons privates and they were "in" because they shared the same secret. That was back in the seventies and I was running since then up until about two years ago when I broke down and told the whole foul mess to my wife of over 20 years, because uptil then it was a "family secret".

Now I'm breaking free of the complex PTSD and rewiring my skull from long lost programming. In the 1980s, the men that were the head of the organization that I was incorporated with, was given up and there was a national news story about it. Charleston family child sex scandal. Look it up. But that wasn't the full story, it was a cover up. It is all long gone and buried now....As far as I understand, these things that were done to me are mostly considered wrong and a bad choice in the culture's view, but this isn’t to say it’s been actively stopped....I’ve just finished up with a period of time where I tried to express graphically the things done, but I shocked and stunned people, and I realized this method of communications is useless.

Let me tell you of the Clown, the Door and the Suggestion.

In programming a child, it can be very easy to mislead a child into thinking they are making choices. This isn’t the case. At one early point in training a child, they will take the child into a room. There will be a door in that room. It might have a balloon or some type of circus paint or paper or stuff on it, enough to let the child know it has something to do with the circus. The handler then talks with the child about the door; gets the child excited to open the door. Tells the child that they shouldn’t open the door, but that it is okay if that is what they want to do. However, it is stressed that the child should listen to the handler. The child doesn’t. Behind the door is a clown of a brute. That clown brute abuses the child in ways too graphic. The lesson that child learns is simple: don’t question authority.

...It was around 3 and a half. I guess I had been becoming resistant. I question if I was being tested or if chance delivered this hand into my life. I was in a inner office room. There was another child. Sometimes I wonder if that child wasn’t in my mind, but I could tell it was scared. This made me realize there was something wrong. When I voiced this I was raped and killed by suffocation with male genitalia. I was revived and sent home to my dad. My dad unaware tried to take me to McDonalds after as he had been instructed. I wasn’t eating my food. I now know I was in shock. I kept squirming and other indicators something was wrong. My dad questioned enough for me to try to answer. I said the whole thing. Next thing I know my dad has wished me out of Mcdonalds and I’m on the street frothing at the mouth. This is boston commons, and we take the (T) train home. I’m in shock in my room. My father is telling my mother. There’s a phone call for someone to “fix it”. My dad tells me I have to forget or act to forget or they will take a piece of my brain out. I believe him. Knock on the door, man, “friend”, light behind in my eyes, the pen, the Mickey Mouse watch, and how time can be moved back. I’m told as a child this is what I want and all I know is this events are scaring the hell out of me.

It was my mother who became my keeper. She was supposed to help me at some point, but she was a very damaged and selfish woman who drank every day. I never really did forget but I had to pretend and then it just became real. We moved, dropped out the church (Roman Catholic) with a what I’ve now been informed is Jesuit priesthood. Also connected “Mafia” by name and Masons by temple and inner sanctums.
We moved from Sagus to Everett. We were told to run away if the men with the rings ever came around. They did, but we ran. My father and mother were afraid for their lives for a couple years but it all died away, at least so it would seem, My oldest brother, about 17 at my birth, trained me to suck male genitals. That’s “Steven”and he’s also been “touched” or what ever. I don’t know what to call myself at times. My sister Elaine that is just a couple years younger. She’s been being forced upon by Steven and his friends and also there is reason to believe it was filmed and there were adults in the room.

Rosalie our mother was sold to her grandfather who was a Mason. She was forced to have sex with him while cleaning his house, or at least that’s what she recalls, but I had talked several times with her, and there were reasons to believe it too was programming. She’s taken out of school in the 8th grade. She’s married off, but sent packing with her first child at age father wants one more boy. Lucky me! Entered into the program at the age of “could stand”. I was trained to stand at a very early age, 9 months old, because the age requirement is you must be able to stand alone. This is how I am introduced. My father tells me to stand at this place. I now know the place to be somewhere near the docks in Charleston. My father’s friend would be by and I was to go with him and do what he said. The man with the ring showed up, my father had left me standing there, but I am aware he is a far off. I go with the man. He takes me down stone steps. As I recall I’m made to give a little oral sex, but much of the oral sex I’m made to give as a child isn’t to climax. Much however was and violent and other things. I am lead to understand that my father wanted me to listen, and that was to keep my mouth shut and let my father think nothing happened...

...I’m in the program now. My father believes I’m being baby sat while he watches doorways. This is the cover he’s lead to believe is the requirement for the job. He finds out the truth more then two years later. There is reason to believe my father’s been brainwashed or at least programmed. Later in life, my mother’s idea of psychological help is to be made to “fight”. So Mark is trained to beat me on command until I would bust out in a raging cry, that is actually nearly imposable because of the brainwashing errors. Or Mark stops after he’s gotten me to try to fight back and then beaten me up because he was always a little upset about my birth. That’s my life until about 13 when I can fight back, but by then I had been beaten or forced to fight at least a couple times a day for a decade.

This is the childhood I tell my wife is “just normal bad” when I avoid the questions and act upset if the topic isn’t dropped. This was what I was trained to do by my mother. I didn’t even let my wife of 25 years know of any of this until I had my breakthrough less than two years ago.... I was kept ignorant, I couldn’t read or write when I graduated from high school. I had to do all my stuff in my mind as my mother and brother Mark were in constant watch that I didn’t talk or express those things, and that I MUST “act normal”... I wanted to tell the doctor, but I couldn’t. Everything ended when I started telling myself “End Program”....Born Dead was I. This was a non family secret, or so I thought. As a child, my mother would paint a pretty picture of doctors and nurses saying prayers for the revival of a child dead seven minutes via strangulation. However, upon looking into my known family events, I find statements of deliberate killing of babies as a form of experiment or “treatment”.

I spent several months on the web site 'new world illuminists.' I hung in the chat room and chatted, but it started getting too close to home. I met this one guy that we became friends and he stated he was what is known as a 'hunter' whose mission was to find people like me who were waking up. This isn’t the first time I was made aware of such people...After the real bad event at my child hood and the hypnotist came by, I was trained to wrap all those bad things into one memory and then just told to forget about it....

I feel this had a big part in why I refused to even talk about these things for nearly four decades. Many known strange events that I found, aligned with the occultist practices. I know their efforts failed. I know the man directly responsible went to prison for family child molestation a decade later. I know the insiders never were shown, at least not in the news, and I know many of the programming techniques for people like me are not cross laterally functional. In other words, different triggers, and programming set ups. I believe when I was being programmed, computers were just on the horizon and so somehow I was programmed like a computer. I have had great luck with computers and I feel I really “woke up” from the cloud or bubble I was living in by means of demanding to myself that the “program end”.

I have since then messaged with several types of people from occultists that refer to Lucifer as “HIM” to children of Jesuits that had heard tales from their family about people like me, and I’m not concerned, understanding I am safe and able. They are everywhere: in every police station, public office, media, and whatnot. Secret society types that is. I’m just not sure what to think about that so I just don’t. more...