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Part 5 of Escaping the Demiurge has been updated once again. New sections are in bold.

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Monarch 47: The Altered Human Brain (updated)

A a precautionary note, it must be stated that Project Camelot has been known to provide a forum to some very questionable sources, to say the least, but much of the following testimony seems credible. Also, part of MK Ultra "end times programming" is externally directed visualization of the worst possible future scenarios, so keep that in mind before adopting the "earth changes" predictions of MK Ultra survivors as literal truth. This testimony adds to a growing body of evidence linking MK Ultra research to neurotheology and parapsychology.

source: Project Camelot:

I decided to write you and share my experience in the MONARCH project. ..I had a 50 year security oath put into my subconscious via military grade hypnosis. All characters in my story are deceased. I am MONARCH 47. My brain was altered by doctors at a military hospital...At the age of 2 I entered the Monarch program at a military base in Huntsville, Alabama. I had the perfect young brain for experimentation. I had a severe injury called internal decapitation. It is very rare that someone lives through that kind of injury. At that time, the CIA wanted young brains to experiment on using different types of wave forms to remodel brain tissue.

I was transferred to the program because my grandfather was a high ranking Freemason with connections through the Scottish Rite hospitals for children. My father was a civilian CIA asset, rescruited through the Civil Defense program in the early 60s. ...My father was involved in children's home, Boy's Town and other State run programs targeting disadvantaged children...Illuminati traces back to multi-generations of people traced through the males, with certain inherited traits in their DNA. As the generations combine and reproduce, the DNA gets virulent and psychopathic...the family bloodlines with this DNA come about in two ways. One is from our Babylonian ancestors and their deeds.

The second is the creation of hybrids which are seeded amongst us as part of the Angel wars...The Illuminati do belong to secret organizations that desire to run the world from behind the scenes with no oversight. They rape their children in generation after an 16 month old infant I was abducted beaten and raped by a homeless black man. My family members were racist and did not want me anymore. I suffered the internal decapitation at the hands of my mother a few months after the rape. My parents wanted nothing to do with me so I was donated for research to stop Communism...My skull bones were not fusing with the halo contraption the community hospital provided and my death was imminent. My anterior and posterior fontanel systems were not closing and leaking cerebrospinal fluid.

My grandfather dropped me off at the front door of the military hospital in the spring of 1963. I would not see him until Christmas, eight months later...They didn't close my skull for months and left sections of my skull open for experiments. They began to systematically map the areas of my brain for redefinition. The mapping of the brain was done with long steel needles hammered through the skull or simply applied to the motor neurons in the brain. I was not given anesthesia in these operations so my nervous system was responsive. I was programmed as a Marionette which means the doctors sent volts down my peripheral nervous system to make my muscles violently contract. I was also used for sexual purposes as I matured...beginning at age five, the CIA people and the civilians like my father used shock therapy and the usual rape, trauma and satanic ritual abuse.

The team met with my grandfather at Christmas to discuss their work on my brain with sound frequencies, microwaves and other energy forms....During my stay at the hospital I was programmed by hypnosis. This meant that whatever anybody did could be erased from my subconsciousness and hidden. This part of reprogramming was to facilitate my use in covert operations involving pedophilia.
...the doctors used LSD to erase preexisting memories, followed by elctroshock treatments using electrodes planted directly into my brain...After these treatments I would be kept in a coma for months in a dark room. When my brain healed enough I was put into rehabilitation to retrain speech, eating, language and fine motor skills...My family members told me I was “catching bad guys” for the government...By the age of 5, I was sent out on jobs, especially at Marinas. Pedophiles would take me on their yachts or Cabin Cruisers 3 miles out to sea in international waters...Some would give me little toys from gas and oil companies...Some even worked for NASA. Some, mainly CIA officers, brought boy sex slaves with them from Central and South America to the CIA safe house for hypnotic programming. At the safe house, the typical rapes, sadistic electroshock treatment on the genitals, use of animals, pornography and satanic ritual abuse took place among bonfires at night. Some of the bones of these foreign boys lie buried in cow pastures long since swallowed by the marshy soil.

Part Two:

Dear Kerry,
Thank you for posting my first public disclosure that I am a modified human being.
...For you and your readers, I am TRANSHUMAN BEING. ..That is why you can see plug holes in my photographs. They were bending brain tissue into folds for more IQ power and access to off- world data through satellite telemetry. It also increases telepathic abilities in human beings. This is one of the ways the Annunaki of past lives sent consciousness out through satellite rocketry and stellar telemetry. Consciousness is contained within the vibrational rates of the elements...I was also trained on compartmentalized data actually stored on targeted cells and bone tissue to receive and emit certain types of activation and response rays. These were emitted from the Voyager and Titan satellites. ..The craft contained elements which hold consciousness...certain crystals in ANY HUMAN ear can be made to vibrate with resonance when stimulated. When I hear tones in my left and right ears I always suspect I am being targeted by satellite rays. The tones usually last for a few minutes or hours not days. I receive information at different frequencies into either my subconscious for dreaming or directly to consciousness for ideas.

Your heart has these crystals too and they can resonate back and break causing instant death. I believe this has contributed to permanent changes in the genetic code and is a resonance weapon. ..Our natural antennae or psychic ability for detecting natural red sunlight was deleted. Instead it was used by navigational satellites for people tracking. Our higher frequencies were eventually lost by nuclear open air testing and weapons release. Our world government decided to try a repair with radio waves and blue aluminum. Big industry agreed to sell their waste aluminum for aerosol purposes to reflect the Sun rays so Earth did not burn up in 1950...they created vast antennae arrays. Eventually they named them HAARP. This is because the ANGELS (children) can be stimulated by the HAARP arrays. Data could be collected on the ANGELS and they could be used for covert human testing, especially with Nano machines and vaccine weapons.

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‘The murder of infants’? Symphysiotomy in Ireland, 1944–66: updated

via History Ireland magazine:

In 1944 the National Maternity Hospital (NMH) in Dublin pioneered the use of the symphysiotomy operation (see sidebar) as the procedure of choice in certain cases where the woman’s pelvis was deemed too small to permit a normal birth (termed ‘disproportion’). The NMH was Ireland’s leading Catholic-identified maternity hospital. NMH doctors were motivated by the perceived need to avoid the practice, common among non-Catholic doctors in Britain and elsewhere, of recommending sterilisation to women after a third Caesarean section (CS). The resurrection of symphysiotomy was controversial; one British obstetrician, Chassar Moir, speaking at a Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland meeting in 1951, called it ‘the murder of infants’. Despite evidence of a high infant mortality rate and other problems, the NMH experiment lasted until 1966. Dublin’s Coombe Hospital also adopted the procedure from 1950 onwards. The Rotunda did not adopt NMH practice, although the Draft report on symphysiotomy notes that, although ‘rarely used,’ symphysiotomy was employed there occasionally, mainly as a post-CS procedure.

Motivation for revival of symphysiotomy

Symphysiotomy was thought to permanently enlarge the pelvis, and therefore, when carried out in a first pregnancy, it might remove the necessity for a woman with ‘disproportion’ to face repeated CS in future pregnancies. This was a particular problem for Catholic doctors. Contraception was practised in most developed countries, making repeat problem pregnancies less common, and non-Catholic doctors advised sterilisation after three CS. Irish Catholic doctors were unable or unwilling to do this. They were aware of criticism by colleagues who believed that Catholic religious strictures disadvantaged patients. In the same period, research had been undertaken in the NMH on pregnant women with heart disease, intending to prove that it was not medically necessary to offer them information on contraception, sterilisation or abortion. One author of that research noted, in a telling phrase, that it ‘proves that good morals and sound medical advice are compatible’.

more from The

Symphysiotomy victims tell the UN about cruel and barbaric childbirth operations

SYMPHYSIOTOMY WAS EFFECTIVELY banned in France in 1798. The procedure – now described as barbaric, torturous and brutal – was carried out in Ireland until 1987. Young women (and, in some cases, teenage girls) were subjected to the surgery which involved having their pelvises unhinged before, during or after childbirth.
“Their arms held down by midwives, their feet manacled in stirrups, high and wide in the lithotomy or ‘stranded beetle’ position, many recount how they screamed and struggled to get free as they were being operated upon, wide awake, in the height of labour, in front of a large audience of generally male students,” reads a 50-page submission to the United Nations Committee Against Torture (UNCAT)...The Survivors of Symphysiotomy’s (SOS) complaint to UNCAT, submitted today, outlines how 24 hospitals and maternity homes across Ireland favoured the procedure over Caesarean Section, long after the practice had been discontinued in other developed nations. According to the advocacy group, the State failed abjectly in its duty to prevent “dangerous and maverick medical practice”.

“The performance of these mutilating childbirth operations in the absence of medical necessity and without patient consent constituted torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Ireland has violated its obligations under international law,” says SOS chairperson Marie O’Connor,” says SOS chairperson Marie O’Connor on the publication of the document, which identifies hospitals and doctors – including the now infamous Michael Neary ...Most of the women left hospital not knowing their pelvises had been broken during childbirth. The majority found out decades later – through the media – after a lifetime of chronic pain, walking difficulties, incontinence, sexual difficulties, PTSD and other associated problems. “In every case,” reads the submission to the UN, “the injuries inflicted by medical practitioners were compounded by their failure to treat them as surgical patients and this negligent care served to maximise the opening of the pelvis.

“Indeed, the success of the surgery in ensuring future vaginal births was premised on the partial recovery of the patient....The operations did not actually deliver a baby. They merely sundered the pelvis and made labour much more severe...

Influence of the Catholic Church

Women who had undergone symphysiotomies and pubiotomies (a variant of the operation which sunders the public bone and results in a compound fracture of the pelvis) were not treated as surgical patients. Often, they were forced to walk on their broken pelvises within a day or two of delivery. Survivor groups contend that the operations were carried out by doctors because of “religious zealotry”. They say that because C-Sections were associated with sterilisation and contraception, doctors hostile to birth control sought to widen the pelvis to enable future childbearing without limitation....Pregnant women were used as “clinical material for training purposes” in the three main Dublin maternity hospitals and the IMTH in Drogheda, according to SOS. For those medical experiments, the young, healthy women on their first child were the preferred choice and historical writings and hospital clinical reports show the selection was quite deliberate.. “At the IMTH, women suspected of disproportion, many of whom were of small stature, were routinely allowed to go over their due dates so that their babies, inevitably, grew bigger and more difficult to birth, thereby testing the potential of symphysiotomy more fully.”

Complaint to the UN

SOS says the performance of symphysiotomy and pubiotomy constituted torture under Article 1 of the Convention Against Torture as severe pain and suffering, both physical and mental, were intentionally inflicted on women and girls, for reasons based on discrimination – but for the fact that they were pregnant, they would not have had these abusive surgeries perpetrated upon them...“These acts were deliberately and knowingly perpetrated – without patient consent – by ‘persons acting in an official capacity’ – consultant obstetricians and midwives – with the consent or acquiescence of public officials (in the Department of Health),” the group writes...About 250 legal actions are due to be heard in the High Court in the coming years.

Here is more information about Michael Neary via Wikipedia:

Michael Neary is a retired Irish consultant obstetrician/gynaecologist. He gained notoriety when it was discovered that he had performed what was considered an inordinate number of caesarian hysterectomies during his time at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, County Louth. He was suspended by the Irish Medical Council in 1999 pending their investigations, and then struck off the Register of Medical Practitioners in 2003. As a result of the Medical Council's investigation, which discovered a number of alarming aspects to the case, an inquiry was set up in April 2004 by the then Minister for Health and Children, Micheál Martin to investigate the matter....During the inquiry, Judge Harding-Clarke's offices were broken into at least three times, she has said....The Inquiry found that Dr. Neary carried out 129 of 188 peripartum hysterectomies carried out in the hospital over a 25-year period, some on very young women of low parity. The average consultant obstetrician carries out 5 or 6 of these operations in their entire career. The judge also found that numerous patient files had disappeared from the hospital, obviously removed by people sympathetic to Michael Neary, she wrote. She was unable to find out who removed the files but believes the person to be female. She criticised the 'Catholic ethos' of the hospital at the time. Sterilisation was forbidden, contraception was unavailable, but she reported that 'secondary' sterilisations were commonly and sympathetically carried out on women who did not want more children but were forbidden to use contraception by the Church...A junior consultant pathologist at the hospital in the early 80s asked his senior colleague why a perinatal uterus specimen he received seemed to have nothing wrong with it. The senior consultant replied "that's Michael Neary for you".

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Chapters one, two, three, four, five and six of Escaping the Demiurge have been updated. Most additions are in Chapters 5 and 6.

Tuam children's bodies: Catholic Church 'has no records'

via BBC:

A Catholic archbishop in the Republic of Ireland has said the church has no records about the burial of nearly 800 children at a mother and baby home. The remains were in a disused concrete septic tank at the County Galway home. The children, aged between two days and nine years, died between 1925 and 1961. The grave in Tuam was found nearly 40 years ago, but was initially thought to be from the 1850s famine. Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary said he was "greatly shocked" by the news....The remains were originally thought to be those of victims of the Irish famine, however, local historian Catherine Corless found that the register of deaths and burials in the town did not match. "I went to the births, deaths, marriages registration office in Galway and I asked them would they have records of the children who died at the home," she told the BBC. "When she came back to me, she said, 'We have the records... but there's quite a number.'" "I was staggered and I was shocked because there's a total number of 796 babies, children and toddlers buried in one mass grave there on that site."...Ireland's Catholic Church has recently been affected by a series of allegations of abuse and neglect of children who were in its care...."Many of the revelations are deeply disturbing and a shocking reminder of a darker past in Ireland when our children were not cherished as they should have been," said Children's Minister Charlie Flanagan. "I am particularly mindful of the relatives of those involved and of local communities." The Tuam home was one of 10 institutions in which about 35,000 unmarried pregnant women - so-called fallen women - are thought to have been sent. The children of these women were denied baptism and segregated from others at school. If they died at such facilities, they were also denied a Christian burial. County Galway death records showed that most of the children buried in the unmarked grave had died of sickness or malnutrition.

related, via Daily Mail:

Thousands of children in Irish care homes at centre of 'baby graves scandal' were used in secret vaccine trials in the 1930s

Scientists secretly vaccinated more than 2,000 children in religious-run homes in suspected illegal drug trials, it emerged today. Old medical records show that 2,051 children and babies in Irish care homes were given a one-shot diphtheria vaccine for international drugs giant Burroughs Wellcome between 1930 and 1936.
There is no evidence that consent was ever sought, nor any records of how many may have died or suffered debilitating side-effects as a result. The scandal was revealed as Irish premier, Enda Kenny, ordered ministers to see whether there are more mass baby graves after the discovery that 800 infants may be buried in a septic tank outside a former mother and baby home in Tuam, Co. Galway....Michael Dwyer, of Cork University’s School of History, found the child vaccination data by trawling through tens of thousands of medical journal articles and archive files.

He discovered that the trials were carried out before the vaccine was made available for commercial use in the UK.Homes where children were secretly tested included Bessborough, in Co. Cork and Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, both of which are at the centre of the mass baby graves scandal.
ther institutions where children may also have been vaccinated include Cork orphanages St Joseph’s Industrial School for Boys, run by the Presentation Brothers, and St Finbarr’s Industrial School for Girls, run by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. In Dublin, it is believed that children for the trials came from St Vincent’s Industrial School, Goldenbridge, St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys, Cabra, and St Saviours’s Dominican Orphanage. But Mr Dwyer said: 'What I have found is just the tip of a very large and submerged iceberg 'The fact that no record of these trials can be found in the files relating to the Department of Local Government and Public Health, the Municipal Health Reports relating to Cork and Dublin, or the Wellcome Archives in London, suggests that vaccine trials would not have been acceptable to government, municipal authorities, or the general public. 'However, the fact that reports of these trials were published in the most prestigious medical journals suggests that this type of human experimentation was largely accepted by medical practitioners and facilitated by authorities in charge of children’s residential institutions.'