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Missing girl 'buried in murdered mobster's tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties', claims Catholic Church's leading exorcist priest

via Daily Mail...

The Catholic Church's leading exorcist priest has sensationally claimed a missing schoolgirl thought to be buried in a murdered gangster's tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties.

Father Gabriel Amorth, 85, who has carried out 70,000 exorcisms, spoke out as investigators continued to examine mobster Enrico De Pedis's tomb in their hunt for Emanuela Orlandi. Last week police and forensic experts broke into the grave after an anonymous phone call to a TV show said the truth about Emanuela's 1983 disappearance would be 'found there'. And although bones not belonging to the mobster were recovered they have not yet been positively identified as hers.

However Father Amorth, in an interview with La Stampa newspaper, said: 'This was a crime with a sexual motive. It has already previously been stated by (deceased) monsignor Simeone Duca, an archivist at the Vatican, who was asked to recruit girls for parties with the help of the Vatican gendarmes. I believe Emanuela ended up in this circle. I have never believed in the international theory (overseas kidnappers). I have motives to believe that this was just a case of sexual exploitation. It led to the murder and then the hiding of her body. Also involved are diplomatic staff from a foreign embassy to the Holy See.'...Charismatic mobster De Pedis, leader of a murderous gang known as the Banda della Magliana, was gunned down aged just 38, by members of his outfit after they fell out.

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, 15, in 1983, believe De Pedis is linked to her kidnap and the body of the Vatican employee's daughter has never been found. Last month the diocese of Rome, on orders from the Vatican, granted investigators permission to open up the tomb in the Sant'Apollinare basilica close to Piazza Navona in the centre of Rome. At the time of his funeral there were raised eyebrows when despite his criminal past church chiefs allowed De Pedis to be buried in the crypt of Sant'Apollinare...De Pedis, whose name on the £12,000 tomb is spelt in diamonds, was buried in Sant'Apollinare church after he was gunned down in 1990 in the city's famous Campo De Fiori. He and his gang controlled the lucrative drug market in Rome and were also rumoured to have a 'free hand' because of their links with police and Italian secret service agents.

Twelve years ago a skull was found in the confessional box of a Rome church and tests were carried out on it to see if it was Orlandi after a mystery tip off but they proved negative.
In 2008 Sabrina Minardi, De Pedis girlfriend at the time of Orlandi's disappearance, sensationally claimed that now dead American monsignor Paul Marcinkus, the controversial chief of the Vatican bank, was behind the kidnap. Monsignor Marcinkus used his status to avoid being questioned by police in the early 1980's probing the collapse of a Banco Ambrosiano which the Vatican had invested heavily in.

The collapse was linked to the murder of Roberto Calvi dubbed God's Banker because of the Vatican links and his body was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London in June 1982. His pockets filled with cash and stones and it was originally recorded as a suicide but police believe he was murdered by the Mafia after a bungled money laundering operation.


Priest accused of child abuse works now works as TSA supervisor at Philadelphia International Airport

via CBS

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The CBS 3 I-Team has learned that a Catholic priest who was removed from the ministry over sex abuse allegations now holds a sensitive security post at Philadelphia International Airport.

The security checkpoint between Terminals D and E is a busy place where thousands of people – including lots of kids – pass through every day. But you might not believe who the I-Team observed working as a TSA supervisor at that checkpoint this week: Thomas Harkins.

Until 2002, Harkins was a Catholic priest working at churches across South Jersey. But the Diocese of Camden removed him from ministry because it found he sexually abused two young girls. Now, in a new lawsuit, a third woman is claiming she also is one of Harkins’ victims...The new lawsuit, filed in federal court against the Camden Diocese says quite a bit. It accuses Harkins of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl 10 to 15 times in 1980 and 1981. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the alleged victim, claims the abuse occurred while Harkins was a priest at Saint Anthony of Padua parish in Hammonton, NJ, with one assault even occurring in Harkins’ bedroom at the rectory. more...

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Ex-priest guilty of conspiring to kill boy who accused him of rape

via Raw Story

A former Roman Catholic priest was found guilty on Thursday of hiring a hit man to kill a boy who had accused him of sexual abuse.

John Fiala, 53, showed no emotion as a Dallas jury found him guilty of plotting to kill the boy, according to The Dallas Morning News. He faces a possible sentence of life in prison.

Prosecutors said that Fiala had tried to hire at hit man for $5,000 in November 2010, but the would-be assassin turned out to be an undercover police officer...Tom Rhodes, an attorney for the accuser, in 2008 said that Fiala had been “grooming” the boy by buying him gifts like a computer and a car...The accuser said that attacks took place in Fiala’s rectory and in vehicles. At one point, he said Fiala “put a gun to the boy’s head in forcing him to perform a sex act,” the paper reported...Fiala is also facing four counts of sex crimes against children in Edwards County, Texas. more...

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The Network of Stolen Consciousness


The following article, written by trauma-based mind control survivor Beth Goobie, is enormously useful for comprehending the metaphysical component of the Monarch Project. I don't agree with her belief that occultism is necessarily always oriented towards pain and suffering, although, given the gravity of this information, and the importance of the techniques she describes in widespread social engineering agendas, belaboring that point seems like quibbling over trivialities. Also, the bolded statement is my own, not that of the author.

I am a survivor of intelligence cults that operate across Canada and are connected internationally. In 1959, I was born into an intergenerational CIA-connected cult that continues to operate in central Ontario. I was first subjected to calculated torture sessions in the womb, and have been able to integrate fetal selves as an adult. I was an experienced dissociater at birth, an accomplished prostitute before kindergarten, and was being circulated on an elite international circuit by grade school.

My programming involved fragmentation into alters who were trained as sex agents, couriers, computers, and cult alters (priestess, seeker, caller, whore, slave, trainer, etc.). Some of my alters were trained to handle weapons. The stories of Kathleen Sullivan, Brice Taylor, Cisco Wheeler, and Claudia Mullen, as well as Cathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America describe much that is familiar to me, including near-death centers and ‘hunting.’ I would like to thank each of these women for speaking out. I deeply admire your courage. Keep going.

My perspective differs somewhat from the women mentioned above in that I have experienced a great deal, both personally and through recovered memory, of the metaphysical. I do not believe occult ceremonies are based solely on superstition and programming. It is my understanding that both cults and the intelligence network are developing the technology to exploit the metaphysical realities that are a daily part of all our lives, and that they intend to use these metaphysical realities to fragment and radically realign the consciousness of the average citizen for purposes of ‘mind control’ and to ‘feed’ off the energy of each individual life. I would like to discuss this as a complex process that aligns the brain to specific frequencies, then uses calculated trauma and dissociation to force interaction with the metaphysical. This interaction is then programmed for specific purposes by the intelligence community.

...Dissociation is commonly experienced during trauma. Rape and traffic accident survivors describe out-of-body experiences during which they float above their bodies and watch terrifying activities transpire below. This experience occurs naturally, whether the actual trauma is a fluke occurrence or a calculated torture session. What I have come to understand, based on a decade of recovery, is that the traumatized mind of a young child doesn’t just send itself upward to escape. It can dissociate in one or all six directions simultaneously...After consciousness projects itself out-of-body to escape trauma, it continues to exist. A dissociated fragment of consciousness (an alter) can watch and think, remember and record what is happening to her body as she hovers above, beside or below it. (Many survivors can remember a single torture session from several out-of-body perspectives. These tend to be less affected by pain, shock, drugs or virtual reality headsets because they no longer reside within the body. This is the source of the majority of recovered memories – dissociated alters who have been projected out-of-body.)

...We are electric beings. Consciousness is a form of energy that is naturally coded into many different frequencies. These frequencies of consciousness align with the many alternate dimensions of reality we live within. Thus out-of-body states can occur at many different frequencies of consciousness. When consciousness leaves the body, it becomes a form of energy, a set of brain waves that has been projected outward. This energy, or brain frequency, can change as it travels. Consciousness that is projected upward leaves the body as quick warm vibrations. As consciousness travels upward, the vibrations quicken and grow warmer, the colors of the vibrations change from pastels to white light, and sounds are emitted at higher and higher pitches. The dimensions through which this projected consciousness travels also correspond to these changing frequencies.

I clearly recall ECT torture sessions at a doctor’s office in which I was told by the doctor to send myself upward. Before the electric shock was applied, I would be told a story about the dimension in which I was supposed to relocate after I left my body. For example:

“Up Up Up is a land of angels,” he (the doctor) says. “It’s a land where everything is white and clean. The angels are friendly and they sing happy songs. They play harps and sit on clouds. There are many white crosses there. When you go to Up Up Up, you’ll be happy. There will be no devils and there will be no dark.”...As electric shock was applied to send me upward, a carefully choreographed scenario would often take place around me. For example, a man dressed as a devil might come running into the doctor’s office:

“Then the door to the Operating Room bursts open and a devil comes in. A devil all dressed in black with horns on his head. The nurse screams, waving her hands. ‘Gotcha,’ the devil yells at me. ‘Gotcha, Dorell. Gotcha.’ I’m jerking from the electricity so I can’t watch the devil jump all around me with his pitchfork. The doctor keeps sayinig, ‘Up Up Up.’ It starts to happen. As if I’m a white sheet pinned to a clothesline and the clothes pins come loose and a wind picks the sheet up slow, lifting me higher and higher, away from where I’m tied down, away from the electricity. Now, it doesn’t hurt no more. It’s easy, I lift into Up where I been lots of times. (The Only-Good Heart, p. 45)...As electric shock was applied to send me upward, a carefully choreographed scenario would often take place around me. For example, a man dressed as a devil might come running into the doctor’s office:

As I traveled upward, I found myself passing through levels of out-of-body consciousness. The first level, which I was taught to call ‘Up,’ existed just under the office ceiling. There I was able to float free of pain and fear, and watch as the doctor and nurse applied further electric shock to my pre-school body on the table below. However, I wasn’t alone as I floated in ‘Up’ and watched my body – other dissociated fragments of consciousness were floating there with me. One belonged to the doctor, one to the nurse, one to the man dressed as a devil, and there were several who looked like me and seemed to live there permanently; each of them watched what was taking place below. When they talked to each other, their voices were slightly higher than normal.

As more electric shock was applied to my body, I traveled further upward, passing through the ceiling into the next level which was called ‘Up Up’ – a sky-blue dimension full of dissociated fragments of consciousness belonging to familiar and unfamiliar people, all of them floating peacefully. These fragments looked like human bodies but had a spirit-like quality, and their voices were slightly higher and faster than voices in ‘Up.’ The next dimension, ‘Up Up Up,’ existed at a white-light frequency that was also peaceful and populated with human-looking high-voiced angels, some of whom looked like me. However the level above this was a dimension of ‘pure white fire’ and extremely difficult to endure. The white figures of ‘angels’ could be seen traveling up and down from this level, which was called ‘God,’ a collective dimension of the projected psychic energy of electric shock.

In later ECT torture sessions, I traveled past ‘God’ into dimensions of outer space where I floated among stars and planets. Again, I found other fragments of human consciousness in these dimensions, though not as many. The doctor who controlled the ECT sessions programmed my out-of-body consciousness to return to my body when a specific tactile trigger was applied to my body. When I returned, he would have me report everything I had seen and experienced while traveling out-of-body. Gradually I realized he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, travel as far as I did, either because he didn’t want to experience the level of electric shock it took to dissociate that far, or because he was unable to project psychically as far as I was.

I also experienced torture sessions in cold dark rooms that often involved being hung upside-down or placed inside coffins. I would be ordered to ‘go Down’ – i.e., project my consciousness downward. The mind travels downward in slow dark frequencies that commonly trigger interaction with psychic dimensions of graveyards, tunnels, caves, demons, vampires or ghosts. These dimensions are as interactive as white-light dimensions – i.e., dissociated fragments of human consciousness already inhabit these levels, taking the forms of vampires or demons, just as they took on the forms of spirits and angels in the white-light dimensions.

It has been my experience that avoiding the typical value judgements placed on dark and light psychic realities is essential to healing. These dimensions are about frequencies of consciousness, not good and evil. (Herein lies one of the primary stumbling blocks of conspiracy culture: if every person contains the capacity for good and evil, perpetually looking for the source of that evil in the always external other (perceived by the lazy as superficial representations of "darkness" such as occult symbolism) comes with the ever present danger of becoming your own shadow through attempting to suppress your own human nature. There is also the fact that, too often, people in search of an enemy end up embodying the same qualities of that which they most wish to eradicate in the first place.))

...Thus, frequencies of sound, color, light and dark are used to divide, store and exploit consciousness. Holographs and virtual reality headsets have also been used as gateways to trigger alters to enter specific collective dimensions. The media is currently being used by the intelligence community to create dimensions of consciousness that can then be used to program and store alters in psychic interactive dimensions. In the last decade, the technology has been developed to beam images onto the human brain during sleep from remote control locations. This technology serves many purposes — to program individuals for specific tasks while asleep, to create ‘false’ or ‘screen’ memories, to cut people off from their own true dreaming which is a wellspring of consciousness, individuality and spirituality, and to establish generic dimensions of consciousness (more effectively than the television set). However, this ‘techno-dream’ technology also enables intelligence cults to trigger an individual to create and project alters into new dimensions on an ongoing basis without trauma-based physical contact

...If you can remember them, these techno-dreams are easy to identify. Whether they involve alien abductions, demons, rituals, ‘children of light’ or ‘star people’ scenarios, Armageddon-type wars between the ‘Lord of Light’ and the ‘Dark Lord,’ or simply sessions with a psychiatrist instructing you about ‘your’ mental illness, the main identifying feature is that they do not interact with the individual dreamer. Techno-dreams are generic images, movies that have been created to program thousands of individuals, perhaps simultaneously. For example, the psychiatrist in a techno-dream does not say, “Now Beth, your symptoms of schizophrenia are becoming pronounced.” She says, “Your symptoms of schizophrenia...”

Much of my trauma-based programming involved ‘Seeker’ alters who were triggered to leave the body and explore dimensions that existed at frequencies currently unknown to the intelligence cult, then report back to my trainer. Different levels of electric shock and radiation were explored in order to calculate the ‘levels’ of consciousness to which they might project an individual. I remember being tested with sounds of all types, being told to send myself into them, then report what I saw or experienced in the corresponding dimensions that opened up. I was also tested in this way for sounds beyond the conscious range of hearing. Drugs facilitated this process because they were a mechanistic means of altering brain frequencies and the dimensions that could then be perceived. They also intensified the experience. It is my understanding that drugs do not create ‘false images,’ — i.e., ‘hallucinations’ — they alter brain frequencies and connect an individual to a different range of dimensions. (These dimensions can also be reached drug-free through meditation.)

In ‘seeking’ experiments, color patterns were often flashed on a wall, and I was told “send yourself into the gate.” I would then project myself through the gateway pattern of colors flashing on the wall, through to a different dimension of consciousness. Out-of-body, I would explore this dimension, seeking out its possible uses as frequencies of consciousness (‘feed’) and the non-human entities that inhabited it, until my trainer triggered me to return to my body. Sometimes I would project myself through a color gate to find one of my trainer’s dissociated alters already waiting for me in the desired dimension. Other times I would report back what I had found, and then the trainer would join me there. These were exploration scenarios; even out-of-body, many of these dimensions were unbearable. Children were used as guinea pigs and sometimes died; others were left permanently disabled. The greater your ability to seek and travel, the more interested intelligence cults were in ‘owning you’ for the rest of your life.more..

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Former top FBI agent charged with child porn distribution

Obviously, this story is an isolated incident. Nothing to see, move along. *insert eyeroll emoticon*

via CNN

(CNN) -- A former supervisory FBI agent has been arrested and jailed on child pornography charges.

Donald Sachtleben was taken into custody and charged Monday after a nationwide undercover investigation of illegal child porn images traded over the Internet....A federal complaint alleges 30 graphic images and video were found on Sachtleben's laptop computer late last week when FBI agents searched his home, about 23 miles north of Indianapolis...A separate LinkedIn profile filled out by Sachtleben says he is an "accomplished investigator with more than 25 years of experience in FBI major case management, counter terrorism investigations, bombing prevention, post blast investigations and public speaking." more...

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British care system harbors organized pedophile rings

Higher Insight is a blog created to address the problem of organized pedophile rings sheltered by the British care system, a situation that is compounded by the involvement of international Freemasonry and other powerful institutions. Please look into the blog, which was written by a former employee of the British care system who became aware of the problem during her work as a counselor. As usual, the story involve elements that will be familiar to anyone knowledgeable with the Monarch mind control program, such as ritualized torture, memory compartmentalization and the complicity of the medical establishment. The blog currently seems to have an audience much smaller than it deserves, so please take efforts to publicize the information the author has graciously provided. And to verify the veracity of these claims, the similarity of cicumstances in the Hollie Grieg case will also be revealed with adequate research.