Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Second update on Belita Adair, edited

This will just be a quick update. Belita has been kind enough to create a web page of the transcripts from her MK Ultra hypnosis sessions for me to share here. Also included are photos of her with the famous parapsychologist, CIA asset and brainwashing handler Andrija Pujarich. Belita has been through a lot and is still more than willing to make her personal history available, which is more than the majority of MK Ultra subjects are able to do. So if you want to help with preserving this information, then please donate to the cause of her musical project, Satanic Corpse, a below the radar black metal project that deserves to share the spotlight with other major label black metal groups out there touring and headlining clubs. After listening to her debut, Allegiance of Darkness, I can honestly say that it is easily in my top 5 favorite black metal releases of all time, an assessment I would not hand out lightly. Here is a link to download but, by all means, give the woman some money too!!!

On another note, below is the latest Lady Gaga video which is genius as usual, more from the visual effects and conceptual aspects than the music itself. I have to say, though, whatever she's in touch with here is not entirely a good thing, what with the video's story of a synthetically created "new race" of superior beings birthed in "government controlled territory". The imagery's potential for glorification of transhumanism, the merging of the human body with technology, is a distinct possibility and I just don't see this development leading our society in a beneficial direction. To mention one example, researchers have recently utililized nanotechnology to genetically engineer viruses able to maximize fuel efficiency in solar cells. Given that studies have proven how genetically modified foods cause organ damage in rats who consume them, what will happen to human DNA when technologies of this variety are released en masse into the environment, without the slightest pretense of public oversight? It is very likely that mainstream musicians are being used to glorify the idea of humanity as yet another technologically malleable resource. This development would open the way to nanotech monopolies that accidentally create diseases through greed and negligence, as well as famine through GMO crop failure, and then market the "cure" back to consumers in the form of medicines that permanently alter our genetic structures. See Margaret Atwood's masterpiece for a more complete rundown. It is highly improbable that this is what Gaga means when, in the manifesto that introduces the song, she mentions a "new race" born without prejudice, but there are public relations experts out there who will certainly make use of this naivete.

Whatever the case, her work really resonates with me, probably because we share the same guardian angel. o_o And I have to be amused with the wholesome and somewhat ridiculous messages of sexual empowerment mixed with some of the most sinister imagery imaginable. The Christian right will go nuts over this and I suppose I agree with some of their criticism. But the purely aesthetic qualities of what she's doing here transcend those agendas towards which she's being used, in my humble opinion. So I will not hesitate to say that Lady Gaga simply rocks. I just wish she would get her head out of the clouds and wise up to the manipulation going on around her.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on Belita Adair and Her Musical Project Satanic Corpse(edited on 5/19/11)

The previous post went into detail about Belita Adair, who was a psychic test subject studied by parapsychologist Andrija Pujarich in the military and CIA-sponsored MK Ultra Project. Since that post was published, I received an email from Belita which is a testimony to the exploitation that so many MK Ultra subjects have been through, treatment that has resulted in both physical and psychological harm for untold numbers. An informative article from details how torture techniques employed in Guantanamo Bay were originally developed when CIA-funded doctors experimented on unconsenting American citizens via the use of forcible lobotomies, electroshock drugging, sleep deprivation and many other methods. Many MK Ultra subjects were subsequently unable to perform basic activities such as dressing themselves or using a toilet. Although some of their family members received a settlement, there is no way to gauge how many people's lives were ruined by the project given the fact that CIA director Richard Helms ordered all MK Ultra files destroyed in 1973. Much of what Belita mentions here can be verified in other places, specifically the forced drugging of children which is covered at length in part 7 of the stunning Human Resources documentary. Belita's letter begins after the jump.

Dear Sierra Peterson---I appreciate you writing and bringing to light the subject of those who were psychic test subjects,you really explained what I went through in a clear manner,I was just documenting the painful events I went through but you wrote it so very are some other thoughts about it,that I want to share with you,and feel free to share them also if you see anything that may be important to this. There have been residual effects of the hell Andrija put myself and my family through,some very physical,it is just plain hard to function after all the stuff done to just about crush my psyce..but another underlining problem is also present, due simply in the harm caused by him lying to us,making money from my work and not ensuring I had some way to make a basic living while dedicating so much time to being a research "animal"..he blamed his fanatic wanting to keep everything I did "quiet" due to the hurt he suffered that Uri Geller left him and the research after he wrote a book on him,rocketing Uri to fame,so he did not want me to do the same to are right,he must have had selfish motives..I remember when the ghost writer for Uri's own bio came over for dinner(which they made my sister cook for them) I had to stay hidden upstairs because he did not want the writer to maybe write a book on me...he hated me to play the piano saying music was a waste,I was to use all my gifts for science...hell yeah,the atomic numbers he got out of me while I was channeling,I actually heard him on the phone selling the formula for some kind of bomb...he was paranoid at that..thinking the government was out to get him,thinking I was going to be kidnapped,scaring my Mom about it...the Ossining home that housed the Faraday cage..was destroyed totally in a fire that he blamed on the government...and all the transcripts I believe went with it...all I had was the one that he sent...he sent it to my Mom when we were hesitating about going to London for more show how important the "plan"was. yeah sure....this millionaire banking mogul,head of the bank of England was financing him for that,and I guess he needed to show a "subject"which was me to get all the monies he needed..When I was so thin and sick in Ossining I remember trying around midnight after exausting trance sessions all day , to make myself a little bread and cheese sandwich because I felt so weak,and Andrija pulled me out of the kitchen and stopped me from eating because he had an emergency need for more atomic numbers,so there I was again in the cage,hungry,tired and the session lasted till the morning hours,he was obssessive. I wake up at night at times from nightmares that I am still in the Faraday cage being asked for information. After every session he would get on the phone to someone Canada I overheard him giving the information that I just channeled.He then would have his Secretery laboriously transcribe the audio as fast as she could at his demands.I recently found an article online that stated the sessions were kept at 30 minutes in the cage for safety reasons because of the lack of air,the sessions were always at least 2 hours and beyond. .I remembered another thing about the tests done in the Faraday cage,each time when I was placed in the trance position which was laying down on pillows on the floor of the cage with Andrija behind my head sitting on a pillow,and he would rub my scalp with some consistant pressure and make me count backward from my age to 0 then press his finger on the middle of my forehead(Chakra 3rd eye area),I came across an article on Uri Gellers site,and it goes into the fact that Andrija used a very toxic mushroom Amanita Muscaria in the Stargate part of his research to induce a more active psychic state in the subjects that were in the cage,the compound about the size of a pinhead he would rub into the scalp of the subjects,it even states in the article that Uri could have unknowingly been given the mushroom by him,and I sort of put the two together,the dizzyness after each session and lightheaded feeling..confusion,depression not normal to me experienced after the sessions etc,of course the lack of air and electro magnetic stuff he had going on caused alot of that..but now I really am thinking he was not rubbing and rubbing my head and scalp just to mind link with me:-( 100% I feel what Andrija did by wanting all of my work kept quiet ruined my chance to get respect and a name which in turn,made for my bleek future...a "name" in the paranormal field would of translated into seminars,more tv work,more music concerts which would have = me-- making a living-- at what I work hard at and do to the best of my abilty.It was like,24/7 doing the research work,and then...thrown out into the real world...well,time to support myself,only catch...I am not qualified for anything else but what I spent my time doing,it is a cruel turn.I was trashed,my music was trashed,my whole life was trashed..because no-one will a unknown person..that is a fact...and if I could..I would post this on a sign for all the world to pain,I suffer because I am only human...and I cannot undo what was the transcripts(the pages I have uploaded on facebook, even the spirits I channeled were lied to,they asked.I live now in utter poverty,our house(I live with my sister Tania) has no heat in winter and when the temps are the triple digits,no a/c ,this is a place where mostly immigrants from central america live,crowded houses and shanty homes built in the back of all the houses,with many families crowded into these small is not safe,my Sister contracted an almost deadly case of Shigella from the dirty water hitting our tap water system last April,she was taken to an indigent hospital where she was lucky to have been given many antibiotics that saved her. My one wish is that we could move to a safe home,but with no money that is impossible right now.
Sincerely and in Friendship,
Belita Adair
Hail Satan--Rise Up Against Abuse!--The Left Hand Path Holds A Curse To Those Who Mistreat The Children of Darkness--My Life And My Music Are Sacred

Belita is a very talented musician and I would go out of my way to purchase her albums even without knowing anything of her situation. Here is a link to donate. The latest album is a free download but all donations keep her afloat and producing more music for all to enjoy. If you like black metal at all then listen to this track the whole way through because it's a slowly unraveling narrative. It's not my intention to sound like a commercial but her musical project, Satanic Corpse, really is that good.

Here, also, is a talk Belita gave on the principles of Satanism, which I'm including
for the purpose of further ingratiating myself with the anti-New World Order crowd. ;)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Occultism and its Relationship to New World Order Resistance

I stumbled across this documentary about Belita Adair and her role as a subject of MK Ultra experiments while browsing through black metal blogs and was instantly fascinated. I took the time to transcribe the most relevant parts because I have a hard time absorbing auditory information and wanted to return to it at a later date. So here is an extract of those parts of the documentary which pertain to the subjects covered on this blog. It was necessary to make minor grammatical corrections in a few places to clarify otherwise confusing sentence structures:

"Belita started to play classical and medieval piano compositions after being visited by a large, dark horned presence at the age of three. Soon after, she would sing and speak in ancient and modern languages in a spirit possessed trance with different voices coming through her. Belita was a psychic test subject, studied by noted parapsychologist Dr. Andrija Pujarich at the Stanfor University Paranormal Research Department and also at UCLA by Thelma Moss. In 1977, Belita was studied by Pujarich in the secret Farraday cage in Ossining, New York. While she was in a trance state, Pujarich brought Belita to a nearly lifeless state due to the lack of air in the cage. These sessions were taped by Pujarich and turned into top secret transcripts. The information Belita spoke of during her trance included Atomic numbers and Sound Wave to Atom theories and formulas. During the same year, Belita was presented by Pujarich to do private, invitation only channeling sessions in London, England. He wanted for all this to remain stealth and for Belita to remain a well hidden secret. He said there was a threat that Belita was a target of kidnapping by all the governments wanting this covert information. From the strain of the tests, Belita became very ill and lost so much weight that her condition was life-threatening. In the mid 1980s, she was diagnosed with an illness called Lupus and by February 2006 she was in a near death state with her
body rotting and blue. But somehow Belita came back to life. In the latter half of 2006, she created her musical project Satanic Corpse. Belita is a follower of the dark Left Hand Path and a Satanist."

Incidentally,many other subjects of the MK Ultra Project have discussed having been confined to Farraday cages, so this part of Belita's story can be confirmed elsewhere. The documentary brought up a few issues for me, namely the ethical/religious motivations of MK Ultra researchers, which led into a series of questions regarding the New World Order and its primarily Christian resistance movement. To begin with, it is likely that most people can agree on the basics: performing oxygen deprivation experiments on a small child is flat out wrong because of the threat of permanent brain damage and death. This should be evident to any reasonable person, although unfortunately it probably isn't for some who only see the mention of demonic possession and either laugh or think of Belita as the next Aleister Crowley with reverence and no thought to the damage inflicted on her by unscrupulous researchers. However, there is a growing number of people who realize that child abuse is, and always has been, an intrinsic part of the MK Ultra experiments in mind control and paranormal research. Where I part ways with this crowd is in the issue of occultism itself, which I think is a valid academic subject worthy of scientific research in its own right. But not for a minute would I trust the CIA or any other covert organization that has been involved in the project to conduct these experiments in en ethical way, given their history of destroying people's minds and bodies without so much as informed consent.

So although I'm extremely appreciative of the recent negative attention the MK Ultra issue has been receiving, I'm also somewhat skeptical as to the motives of said critics as well as those aspects of the project they've chosen to focus on. Most of this criticism is from a fundamentalist Christian viewpoint which objects to the use of occult symbolism, much which is derived from polytheism, which is a bit confusing to me since virtually all of Christian iconography can be traced to polytheistic cultures. I've covered this subject at length elsewhere, although scholars like Acharya S are far better versed in the subject than myself. Interested parties should refer to their research instead of my own as source material. So, to restate the basic point for those who missed earlier posts, what I take issue with is human rights abuses, not the study of occultism, which can be quite beneficial to society depending on the way it is handled. As for the issue of demonic possession, or the more commonly occurring astral parasites, I tend to believe that this is a very real phenomenon whose prevalence could be markedly reduced if occultism was less vilified by fundamentalists, since a lesser number of people would be attracted to unethical occult practitioners like Crowley if they weren't rebelling against hysterical Christian dogma in the first place. In other cases, genuinely benevolent forces may be mistaken for demons simply because their image doesn't conform to that of Judeochristian mythology.

Personally, I can't identify myself with any one religion, although neopaganism is probably the closest fit because it leaves the most room for interpretation and combination of varying traditions. However, like many people I can find much to be inspired by in particular aspects of each tradition, whether a shamanistic indigenous ceremony or a hugely centralized monotheistic religion like Christianity. Even Islam, by far the most repressive religion in the modern world, is rooted in a tradition of mysticism through the Sufism of the whirling dervishes. What unifies all of these cultures is the esoteric interpretation of symbolism found in occult studies, as well as the practical application of those ideas in occultism's trashy cousin, paranormal research. It is fascinating that traditions of Christian mysticism hold many parallels with exploration of the paranormal, including spirit possession, astral journeying, telepathy and precognition. Unfortunately, these traditions have largely been suppressed by church orthodoxy which regards submission to church hierarchy to be a precondition of revelation. What makes these issues tricky to deal with is the fact that pantheistic mysticism, including Christian esotericism, has been preserved and reinvigorated by mystery schools such as Freemasonry, groups that have a vested interest in securing geopolitical centralization. This elite version of pantheism is quite different than that of the autonomous groups and individuals who make up the vast majority of the modern neopagan movement, so it is important to differentiate between the two even though there is surely a certain amount of overlap. Failure to do so means invalidating the spiritual traditions of not only esoteric Christianity but thousands of other cultures as well, since mysticism and exploration into the paranormal is a tradition that simply cannot be owned by Freemasonry or other facets of the global power structure.

One of my first religious experiences happened while viewing the artwork in the Faeries and Gnomes books by Brian Froud. Spirituality has always been central to the way I interact with the world, which exists (in my mind anyways) not only in fundamentalist terms of good vs evil but also as a palate of infinite colors, where any and all beings intermingle and coalesce in the ether just outside the confines of our perception. Froud's faeries gave shape to this nebulous community of beings, who were both outside of my grasp enough to elude capture and accessible enough to have human flaws and desires. What made them beautiful was that I could relate to them. They were "human" and most did not demand obedience, merely requiring a mostly unnoticed coexistence.

The God of my Christian relatives, on the other hand, did demand obedience and to what end? Most of my God-fearing relatives were divorced, addicted to drugs, cheating on their spouses, abusing their children or similar. The faeries, on the other hand, promised no salvation and neither did they deny it. I liked them better than Jehovah back then and I still do today. However, there are beings in the faerie universe which closely approximate the Christian concept of angels and demons and recent experiences have brought me even closer to believing in these beings. Yet Western civilization's monotheistic paradigm has been strictly limited to cycles of cultural dominance and forcible conversion, actions that time has shown lead only to further warfare and societal degradation. Could it be that we may, in fact, have something to learn from earlier and comparatively less chaotic civilizations such as polytheistic indigenous tribes, the mythological remnants of which can be found in Froud's faeries? Make no mistake: these cultures were not perfect and many of them were outright cannibalistic. Clearly, these are not practices that any contemporary civilization would wish to emulate. Yet many other tribes managed to formulate a relatively non-hierarchical society in which resources were equitably distributed in a fashion quite foreign to the present world's democratic societies. Could Western civilization's bloody extermination of these cultures have set up a karmic cycle that relegates us to an existence of warfare and inevitable reverse colonization? Considering all the technological achievements in recent centuries, the thought is disturbing, but it also allows for a potential solution by way of restoring those cultures through respect to varied spiritual traditions, complementing and not opposing those of Abrahamic faiths. This approach may not sit well with many in the anti-New World Order crowd, who see Christian supremacy as the only solution to global governance and its accompanying One World religion.

But recent findings in the scientific community have established that the need to give respect to indigenous polytheistic cultures is one that is not exclusively metaphysical, instead being rooted in very practical concerns that affect every one of us. Foremost among these discoveries
is the knowledge that industrial farming methods have led to a loss of genetic diversity in the environments where they are practiced, meaning that people are increasingly dependent on pesticides because of the way that parasitic species can take over in an imbalanced ecology. In many places of the world, indigenous communities have an encyclopedic knowledge of their bioregion, yet pharmaceutical companies are rushing in to patent individual plants without consulting local tribes or considering the long lasting consequences of species collapse. The loss of topsoil, as well as the almost completely emptied aquifers, natural resources whose destruction would have catastrophic consequences, have also been sped along by wasteful and environmentally toxic farming practices. In recent decades, an ecologically sustainable system called permaculture has integrated knowledge from a wide variety of scientific disciplines to confirm that hundreds of different indigenous communities created intelligent designs for human settlements, designs that academically trained scientists are still learning from today. Indigenous practices of sustainable horticulture and city design have since been successfully combined with the appropriate use of technology to form resilient permaculture communities that could serve as a model for future human settlements. Beyond the scientific, many indigenous communities believed in animism, the idea that living things are imbued with spirit, and that the spirits of plants can teach the shamans of those communities about how they can be used medicinally and otherwise. Here is an amusing video by herbalist Susun Weed that clearly illustrates this point.

So how does all this information tie into New World Order resistance and MK Ultra research? Well, what it indicates is that, if social dissent against political centralization has any hope at being successful, there is a need to let go of the idea of jealous gods and religious supremacy, since fundamentalism of this variety is what would be used to justify the establishment of massively coordinated "peace keeping" forces to begin with. Additionally, techniques of indigenous permaculture can be used to avert the ecological catastrophes that would result in the reductions to standards of living recommended by the United Nations for global populations. A popular movement that values decentralized religious freedom is different than a One World religion in which religious freedom is suppressed in favor of a homogenized spirituality used to enforce the dominant paradigm. In the area of occult symbolism, typically occurring in the media, that means losing the hysteria about masks, pentagrams, enlightenment, and other facets of cultures differing from Judeochristianity. A more reasonable approach would be to focus on the values of the organizations behind these symbols, since any other approach risks alienating huge numbers of people who might otherwise be sympathetic to the agenda being criticized. For example, when the all-seeing eye is employed in the logo of Homeland Security, discussion about the surveillance state may be more effective than condemning Buddhism and the New Age movement, because many people who identify with these cultures may also see huge problems with the policies being promoted by the global establishment. Unfortunately, the term "controlled opposition" often conjures the idea of people who are willing agents of the state, perhaps paid off by intelligence agencies or other nefarious groups. But I think what happens more often is that people become unwitting collaborators with elite agendas, and their unintentionally destructive ideas are allowed to proliferate specifically because, again, those ideas reinforce the values of the dominant paradigm. So, ironically, what may be needed to counter the rise of a One World religion, as well as centralization in other areas, is respect for spiritual and cultural diversity, a respect that need not be policed by a global authority.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

update to dream section

This is just a minor one but it was so vivid I have to write it down before it fades:
Last night, the night before a full moon in Scorpio, I dreamed I was freighthopping through industrial areas that were abandoned except for a heavy military presence. I had thought that the train I was on was destined for a remote grainery but, to my surprise, we pulled into a warehouse setting crowded with people. It turned out to be a hospital and there was a massive medical team in charge of forcibly administering vaccinations. I got off the train because it was being searched and ended up in the line for vaccinations since that's where everyone was being funneled. A lot of the people around me appeared to be sick. A nurse came up to me and explained the way the procedure would work, that I would need to receive an injection and then be quarantined inside the lower floors of the hospital. I informed her that I would be opting out of the vaccination and she was not having that. As the line continued moving forward I looked around me and saw there was a door to my right and the guards outside were busy talking. I ran outside and resorted to a lucid dreaming technique that has worked in almost every nightmare I've had in recent times. I started flying, which was a wonderful feeling because I was never able to do this before, meaning that I was just trapped inside the nightmare, seemingly without end. As I did so the guards seemed to become less aware of me right away. Actually, the dream itself was less aware. Beneath me was the receding empty shell of an endlessly sprawling city, which looked as if it had recently been the target of heavy bombing. At this point I woke up suddenly, at around 3 AM, and have been unable to go back to sleep since.