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Fury of Opus Dei in Latin America

Some of the word choices in this article seem a bit odd to me, but that might be due to problems of translation. I don't necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed here, aside from criticism of Opus Dei. FYI, some details that follow may be upsetting for sensitive readers.

via Pravda:

Lawyer Ives Gandra Martins da Silva, the principal exponent of the fascist sect Opus Dei in Brazil, is concerned about the advancement of the left in Latin America. In an angry article in the column Trends / Debates of Folha de Sao Paulo, he distilled hatred and prejudice against Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Fidel Castro and Lula... Besides lying about the reality of human rights in Cuba, he cannot hide his sympathy for the dictatorial regime of Chile, which has always had the active support of Opus Dei....The right-wing ideas and prejudices of Opus Dei are already known, but it is good not to underestimate the influence of this world sect - which enjoys space in the middle class media and has a strong presence in the state apparatus. Its interest in Latin America is not new and always hovers threateningly. Since its arrival to the continent, 50 years ago, Opus Dei cunningly plans its rise to power. The project only gained momentum with a wave of military coups in the region in the 60s. Its followers presided in several nations or advised numerous dictators. In the 90s, with the neo liberal avalanche, the faithful technocrats of this sect once again enjoy a certain prestige.

"Catechism" in Latin America

In the 50s, the sect seduced its first believers among the old oligarchies that sought to differentiate from indigenous peoples and preached religious fundamentalism. But Opus Dei only acquired greater strength with the wave of attacks from the 60s. Until then, its action was still dispersed. According to an excellent article by Marina Amaral in the magazine Dear Friends, "in 1970, Josemaría Escriva [founder of the sect in Spain] traveled to Mexico to start giving 'travel catechisms' of the Americas that lasted until the eve of his death in Rome in 1975."

In 1974, he visited South America, then dominated by dictatorships. "The progressive clergy tried to use the weight of the church to denounce torture and killings and to fight for the restoration of democracy. In his speeches, he once replied to a soldier that asked to follow the path of 'spiritual sanctification' of the Opus Dei: 'The soldier already has done half of the spiritual path." In this dark period, the sect supported the attacks and has participated in various dictatorial governments, according Emílio Corbière, author of the book "Opus Dei: Catholic totalitarianism.”

In Chile, the fascist sect of dictator Augusto Pinochet was what Augusto Franco was in Spain. The main ideologist of this bloodthirsty regime, Jaime Guzmá, was an active member of the sect, as well as hundreds of civilian and military boards. It also supported the strikes and participated in the authoritarian regimes in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. According Corbière, it funded the regime of Nicaraguan dictator Anastácio Somoza until his defeat by the Sandinistas. In the decade of the 90s, it still gave "active assistance" to the terrorist and corrupt dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori, Peru.

Another "prosperous" phase occurs with the neo liberal offensive in the 90s. Boasting the sympathy of the pope and of autonomy facing the local churches, it benefited from the invasion of Spanish multinationals, the result of state-owned privatization. Many of them are influenced by cash from Opus Dei. According Henrique Magalhães, in article in the magazine The New Democracy, "Argentina handed their state telephone, oil, aviation and energy to Telefonica, Repsol, Endesa and Iberia. Iberia had already swallowed the LAN [aviation], of Chile, where the generation of energy was already controlled by Endesa. The Spanish banks also came to the continent in this process.”

"The Opus Dei is for the neo liberal model what the Dominicans and the Franciscans were to the cross and the Jesuits for the Lutheran Reform," compares José Steinsleger, columnist for the Mexican newspaper La Jornada. In the 90s, the sect also enlisted several bishops and cardinals in the region. The most famous was Juan Cipriani, of Peru, intimate friend of the dictator Alberto Fujimori. In 1997, during the invasion of the Japanese embassy by militants of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, the bishop earned the position of mediator and used a listening device in a crucifix, which enabled the police to invade the house and kill all its occupants.

In Brazil, the Opus Dei entrenched its root in 1957, in the city of Marília, inside Paulista, with the establishment of two centers. In 1961, given the importance of the branch, the sect visited the Spanish sect Xavier Ayala, the second in the hierarchy. "Doctor Xavier, as he liked to be called, although a priest, stepped foot on Brazilian soil with the mission of strengthening the conservative wing of the church. On the eve of the Second Vatican Council, the progressive clergy in Latin America argued for the revolutionary return to the origins of Christianity and the 'option for the poor', fundamentals of Liberation Theology," explains Marina Amaral.

The tentacles in Brazil

Still, according to the report, "the few, Opus Dei have been finding their allies on the university’s right. Among the first were two young promising youths: Ives Gandra and Carlos Alberto Di Franco, the first one sympathetic to monarchism and a defeated candidate for representative; the second, a secondary school student of the College Rio Branco, the Rotarians of Brazil. Ives began to attend the meetings of Opus Dei in 1963, Di Franco 'whistled' (asked to enter) in 1965. Today, the organization says it has in the country a little over three thousand members and about forty centers, where approximately six hundred sects live."

Growth in dictatorship

During the dictatorship, the sect also focused its action in the legal environment, which yields fruit until today. The retired promoter and ex-deputy Mr. Hélio Bicudo reveals two times being harassed by judges loyal to the organization. The exponent at this stage was José Rodrigues Geraldo Alckmin, appointed minister of the STF by dictator Garrastazu Medici in 1972, and uncle of the Tucanos (PSDB) candidate to the presidency in 2006. Until the 70's, however, the power of Opus Dei was embryonic. It had boards in important positions, but without coordinated action. Moreover, it was divided with the Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) the sympathies of Catholics of the extreme right-wing.

Its growth depended on the blessing of generals and links with powerful companies. Ives Gandra and Di Franco turned their "ambassadors", linking themselves with the owners of the media, right-wing politicians, bishops and entrepreneurs. College Catamarã (SP), Casa do Moinho (Cotia) and Publisher Quadrant - is from this phase of the construction of the structure of facade. It also created an NGO to raise funds: OSUC (Works Social, and Cultural University). It receives donations until today from Itaú, Bradesco, GM and Citigroup. Faced with this denunciation, Lizandro Carmona, OSUC, begged the journalist Marina Amaral: "For the love of God, do not go write that companies such as Itaú donate money to Opus Dei."

Recent Offensives in the region

In the recent phase, the Opus Dei set bold plans to win more political power in the region. In April 2002, it participated actively in the failed coup against President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. One of its faithful, José Rodrigues Iturbe, became Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of the elusive con man. The embassy of Spain, at the time governed by the Franco Popular Party (PP) of Jose Maria Aznar - whose wife is the Opus Dei - gave Guarita (Watchtower) to their faithful. Another con man linked to the sect, Gustavo Cisneiros, is the largest communications businessman in the country.

In December 2006, the sect witnessed the defeat of its candidate, Joaquim Laví, former adviser to the dictator Augusto Pinochet, for the presidency of Chile. Back in May 2006, it collected a new defeat with the candidacy of Lourdes Flores, nominee of the National Unity Party. In compensation, it celebrated the victory of narco terrorist Álvaro Uribe in Colombia, who dispersed millions of dollars from the government of George Bush. In Mexico, another known faithful of Opus Dei, Felipe Calderon, a former executive of Coca-Cola, won one of the most fraudulent elections in history of this country.

Its most daring move, though, was the attempt to elect a follower in Brazil. According to Henrique Magellan, "the hope of Opus Dei turned to Geraldo Alckmin, that today is one of its most prominent political structures. The Organization tried to make him president to form an axis with thegeopolitical leaders of Colombia and Mexico. " The media and the Tucanos (PSDB) members have even tried to cover up that shadowy connection. In a piece in the Folha de Sao Paulo, Alckmin pledged: "I am not one of the Opus Dei, who is in respect, but I do not know." He lied to hide his close relations with the fascist sect - from the time of childhood, in the meeting with his father and uncle-Minister of the dictatorship of the STF, to the illegal "talks of Morumbi." But the nation is not deceived. This explains the recent elitist moanings of Ives Gandra, high head of Opus Dei.

The above article does a great job of summarizing Opus Dei's connections to Latin American military dictatorships, but it doesn't get into some of the social policies the sect is actively promoting. For example, Opus Dei is known to have ties to Priests for Life, an anti-abortion organization which denies the medical reality that continuing a pregnancy can sometimes endanger the life of the mother. To get an idea of what a society governed by these principles would look like, consider the recent case in Brazil, where the mother of a 9-year-old, pregnant rape and incest victim was excommunicated by the Catholic church after arranging for her daughter to get an abortion. The doctors involved in the decision, who were also excommunicated, had warned her that her daughter was risking her life by continuing the pregnancy. Most reasonable people would let it go at that. The Vatican, however, insisted that, even though the child did not have the skeletal structure necessary for childbirth, she could still receive a Caesarian section.

This perspective demonstrates blatant and willful ignorance of the medical risks of pregnancy faced by young mothers. One of these risks includes preeclampsia, a condition of high blood pressure that can result in swelling of the face and hands, as well as permanent organ damage. Preeclampsia can also be a life-threatening condition. "Pro-life" organizers will argue that a few nine-year-old incest victims being forced to carry a rape baby to term despite their potential loss of life is a small price to pay for all the lives saved due to stringent anti-choice legislation. Let's examine that line of thinking more closely.

via The New York Times:

For proof that criminalizing abortion doesn't reduce abortion rates and only endangers the lives of women, consider Latin America. In most of the region, abortions are a crime, but the abortion rate is far higher than in Western Europe or the United States. Colombia - where abortion is illegal even if a woman's life is in danger - averages more than one abortion per woman over all of her fertile years. In Peru, the average is nearly two abortions per woman over the course of her reproductive years. In a region where there is little sex education and social taboos keep unmarried women from seeking contraception, criminalizing abortion has not made it rare, only dangerous. Rich women can go to private doctors. The rest rely on quacks or amateurs or do it themselves. Up to 5,000 women die each year from abortions in Latin America, and hundreds of thousands more are hospitalized.

Abortion is legal on demand in the region only in Cuba, and a few other countries permit it for extreme circumstances, mostly when the mother's life is at risk, the fetus will not live or the pregnancy is the result of rape. Even when pregnancies do qualify for legal abortions, women are often denied them because anti-abortion local medical officials and priests intervene, the requirements are unnecessarily stringent, or women do not want to incur the public shame of reporting rape.

But Latin Americans are beginning to look at abortion as an issue of maternal mortality, not just maternal morality. Where they have been conducted, polls show that Latin Americans support the right to abortion under some circumstances. Decriminalization, at least in part, is being seriously discussed in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina, and perhaps will be on the agenda after the presidential election in July in Mexico....Latin American women, who are increasing their participation in the work force and in politics, have also become more vocal. Their voice would be much louder were it not for the Bush administration's global gag rule, which bans any family planning group that gets American money from speaking about abortions, or even criticizing unsafe illegal abortions. This has silenced some respected and influential groups, such as Profamilia in Colombia. Anti-abortion lawmakers in Washington can look at Latin America as a place where the global gag rule has worked exactly as they had hoped. All Americans can look at Latin America to see unnecessary deaths and injuries from unsafe abortions.

Opus Dei lobbies to prevent maternal death exception for Irish abortion ban

via The Guardian:

The secret ultra-conservative Catholic sect Opus Dei is mobilising within the Irish professions to stop the republic reforming its abortion laws, one of the country's most prominent doctors has warned. John Crown, a leading cancer specialist and member of parliament, accused the powerful organisation of trying to exercise influence on the medical profession and politicians to prevent limited abortion being made legal for the first time in Ireland. The only physician on the parliamentary subcommittee exploring the abortion question at present, Crown said he believed Opus Dei was "a major player" in the campaign to thwart legislation that would allow for abortion when a mother's life was at risk.

The member of Ireland's second chamber, the Seanad, said he had received abuse over his role on the subcommittee, particularly when he revealed that 30 terminations had been carried out in Irish hospitals last year. The Fine Gael-Labour coalition is under intense pressure to introduce legislation that would allow for abortions when a woman's life is at risk, including from suicide. The momentum for change on abortion laws has intensified since the Indian dentist Savita Halappanavar died from blood poisoning after a Galway hospital refused to terminate her pregnancy last autumn.

Enda Kenny's government has promised reform but the taoiseach's Fine Gael party is coming under attack from anti-abortion activists, particularly in rural, conservative parts of the republic, who have threatened to picket the constituency offices of teachta dálas (members of the lower house of parliament, the Dáil Éirann) who previously promised to oppose any change in the law. Crown said: "I believe that many of the organisations that are most prominent in this campaign in trying to thwart reform will have substantial membership from Opus Dei." He said it was time for members of the Oireachtas (parliament) – both the Dáil and Seanad – to be required to declare if they belonged to any secret organisations, such as Opus Dei. "That is something that should be declared because there are potential conflicts of interest if one believes that one is answering to a higher authority than the parliament of the republic.

"We have several examples in history where leaders of this country asked if people should state their allegiance. Garret Fitzgerald [a former taoiseach] once famously asked his cabinet to inform him if they were members of secret organisations, which I think is not a bad idea at all for the whole of the Oireachtas."

Despite a highly organised, well-funded anti-abortion lobby, Crown told the Guardian he was confident both houses of parliament would pass legislation allowing abortion in limited circumstances. Such a move would finally enshrine in law the recommendations made by supreme court judges in the X case in 1992, when it was ruled that a 14-year-old rape victim had the right to a termination because of the risk to her life from suicide. Since then successive governments have failed to legislate in relation to the ruling. more...

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Elite Australian SRA pedo ring memoirs

Hopefully the author is ok with this story being re-posted. Some details may be unsettling for ritual abuse survivors.

via the David Icke forum:

In case anyone is interested, I would like to summarise my memories of being ritually abused by an elite Sydney pedo/SRA ring. I never underwent hypnosis; instead, my memories emerged spontaneously after my pedophile step-grandfather, Peter Holowczak (deceased), was found hanged to death. My grandmother, Helen Holowczak (deceased), said some men arrived on a weekday morning, sent her shopping, and when she returned she found Peter hanging dead in their chook pen at 14 McAlister Ave, Engadine, Sydney.

I was born Holowczak in Sydney in the late 60s. Helena and Peter introduced me to the pedophile ring. They were Polish immigrants who had worked at joined the great wave of Nazi war criminals who were granted asylum in Australia. I was raised in their Nazi flavoured religion of Mithra worship. I attended gatherings with many Slavic immigrants who settled in the Southern Sydney area.

A large purple banner was erected at these ritualistic gatherings. This featured a large eagle over an encircled hexagram. A symbol sat in each corner of the banner: a serpent entwined around a pole (medicine), a triangle divided into 3 triangles (trinity), the trident (psychology), and a line penetrating a circle, like a lolipop (Cleopatra's needle, cloning). Seal of Solomon ritual banner:

Rituals mainly took place in numerous locations including: the chapel at Australia's first Boystown in Engadine, St John Bosco Catholic church Engadine, Regina Coeli Catholic church Beverly Hills, Bathurst City Hall, Sydney University chapel, Waterfall consumptive cemetery, Caltex oil refinery at Kurnell.

The crimes took place in the 1970-80s. Perpetrators included a local GP, a local policeman, numerous police and a police commissioner, an Australian sporting legend, a famous stage actor, a most famous movie actress, a B-Grade movie actor, a Sydney Uni lecturer, a biochemist/psychologist/uni lecturer, Kim Beazley Snr (deceased) Labour politician in Prime Minister Whitlam’s cabinet, a Serbian Sydney Uni psychology student who later anglicised her name.

I witnessed these people commit crimes of murder, rape, abduction, unethical hypnosis, unethical medical experiments, torture. I saw two child kidnappings. At age 15 I saw them lure a 15 yo boy with sandy hair dressed in a blue billabong t-short into a car at Cronulla Beach. When I was 6 yo, I saw them kidnap a 12 yo girl with dark hair in a side ponytail, dressed in a red t-shirt and white shorts from a main road in Engadine. Both victims were murdered. The Engadine policeman and the GP covered for both deaths.

I recall a ritual that took place under the guise of the Bathurst 2000 car race. i reported this incident to the NSW Police in 2008. Unbeknownst to me, fellow victim Tor Neilsen reported similar Bathurst crimes to the NSW Police. As a result of his reporting these crimes, Tor was harassed by the NSW police, Sydney health workers, Sydney psychologists and psychiatrists. WA test results reveal these people poisoned Tor with a drug that induced psychosis. NSW police dropped Tor's case against Bathurst Catholic priests who abused him at St Stanislaus College. Consequently Tor did a letter box drop that resulted in these same priests being charged with hundreds of counts. Some were jailed, some committed suicide, some were let off because they were old. Sydney newspapers told numerous victims' stories of chanting, late night orgies, and hypnosis. Tor himself was raped in Bathurst City Hall, where I also was raped. Tor's lawyer pretended to run a civil case for him, but mysteriously fell out of a high rise building after Tor blew the whistle on St Stanislaus.

Coincidentally, a former St Stanislaus boy, whose son attended the school, was to be a witness at the St Stanislaus hearings; he was found kneeling, hanging by his necktie from a bookcase in the basement library of Frederick Jordan Chambers Sydney. My highschool friend found him dead. His death was initially treated as suspicious. The man had half an hr earlier been seen happily working on a case.

Like Tor Nielsen, I too have been harassed by police, health workers, psychologists, university lecturers, and other government officials. I have had numerous pets killed, received death threats, police held three loaded weapons to my accountant husband's head for no reason, dead chopped up animals have been left on my doorstep. On one occasion my family and I witnessed three men dressed in dark robes, standing outside my mother's house at 2am.

I have lost everything for refusing to be silent. The psychology board falsely accused me and used illegal means to try and force me to attend the type of health assessment that landed Tor Nielsen drugged with psychotic inducing drugs. A top psychiatrist warned me that the Board were stitching me up and to not attend. Consequently, despite references from high profile psychologist supervisors and psychiatrists, I lost my job and career.

Similar to Tor Nielsen's experience, a Melbourne QC ripped me off $50k while pretending to defend me against a private university whose staff have been accused of cult-like practises and sexual harassment of students, His sidekick mocked me and verbally abused me for talking about my childhood abuse.

At the private university, one psychology lecturer grabbed my breast at her birthday party and tricked me into sleeping in her bed at another party; a female law lecturer offered my piano tuner's 18yo daughter sex for good grades; a 50 yo law lecturer offered a 17 yo scholarship student sex for good grades; the pro-vice chancellor sexually harassed a male student and offered him a tutor position in exchange for sex. This student distributed pamphlet in campus accusing the private uni hierarchy of engaging in bizarre cult-like practises.

The private university lecturers pooled their knowledge of my childhood abuse experiences, removed the young age (at least 5) I was at the time of my abuse, presented me as an adult perpetrator of the same crimes, and reported me as a criminal to the police. I have no criminal history and previously worked as a parole officer.

I came under fire from the private uni after I ignored lecturers instruction not to report fresh allegations of child abuse involving previously convicted pedo child protection DOCS foster carers to the police. In accordance with mandatory reporting laws, I submitted a complaint to the Children's Commissioner. Consequently, I was hammered by the university whose most celebrated lecturer and former dean was recently charged for sexually abusing two 12 yo girls.

The university then breached disability officer requirements for my visual cortex stroke and made me drive 1.5 hrs to placement instead of 15 minutes at a similar local rehab work place. Within 2 wks my eyesight broke and I lost near vision. The Australian Human rights Commission upheld my claim of sexual harassment and disability discrimination against the private university.

In writing, the Psychology Board refused to reference the APS Ethical Code Guidelines when examining my well-evidenced joint complaint with an experienced psychologist against the university staff; however, they said they would be implementing the very same code and guidelines in the complaint against me that I was a criminal who perpetrated the crimes I was a child victim of.

The contents of Fritz Springmeier's writings regarding the post-Nazi projects is consistent with my memories of similar practises in Sydney. I recall being assessed at age 5 by the notorious John Gottinger. I recall being assessed on the SB-LM. I recall being sleep deprived. I recall being drugged. i recall being subjected to unethical hypnosis. I recall being subjected to brainwashing involving a synthesiser that continuously played the words "Know this spirit" up and down the keyboard. I recall people chanting nursery rhymes. I recall a man chanting a Batman, Catwoman, and Joker themed chant; one section involved 9 levels represented by '9 cat lives'; he stopped at the 6th level and sang: "Number six, number six, what do we have at number six? Number six has lots of tricks...there are SIX spirits at number six!"

Tor Neilsen and I have given our information to the Royal Commission into Child Abuse. I recently sent it to the Police Integrity Commission who dismissed it to the state Ombudsman. I gave it to the Police Minister who told me to show him evidence. The local Police basically criticised me in their latest letter, calling my claims vexatious and having no evidence. Apparently the two independent witness testimonies of similar crimes in the same place at a similar time does not constitute evidence.

I have had enough! I would appreciate some support from people who believe this happens, who give a stuff, and who would like it to cease.

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Mind control data media packet

The following document was originally published at endritualabuse, the website of psychologist Ellen Lachter. She will be speaking at this weekend's Survivorship conference.

Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children

...From Senator Edward Kennedy’s opening remarks to a Senate investigative committee August 3, 1977:

"Some two years ago, the Senate Health Subcommittee heard chilling testimony about the human experimentation activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over 30 universities and institutions were involved in an “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.”
. . .
Perhaps most disturbing of all was the fact that the extent of experimentation on human subjects was unknown. The records of all these activities were destroyed in January 1973 at the instruction of then CIA Director Richard Helms. In spite of persistent inquiries by both the Health Subcommittee and the Intelligence Committee, no additional records or information were forthcoming. And no one- no single individual— could be found who remembered the details, not the Director of the CIA, who ordered the documents destroyed, not the official responsible for the program, nor any of his associates.

Adult Survivors and Their Helpers Report Child Torture Committed During the Cold War in the Name of National Security

257 survivors from at least 15 countries reported that secret GMC (government-sponsored mind control) experiments were performed on them as children. National Security Archive “Declassified records" reveal that at least 23 war criminals or Nazis were approached
by the CIA for recruitment after World War II.
Carol Rutz

“Many survivors have alleged some of these same war criminals, using aliases, were complicit in their extreme abuse. Some of the names the torturers went by were Dr. Black, Dr. Swartz(Black in German), Father Joseph, and Vaterchen (Father in German). These four aliases are names many survivors have independently reported to me as names that were used in their presence by Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” the infamous Nazi
doctor who performed horrific experiments on the prisoners at Auschwitz.

(Rutz, C. [2007, August]. The world will know. Paper presented at the 10th Annual Ritual Abuse Conference, Windsor Locks, CT. Neil Brick, Moderator)
60 survivors reported that one of their perpetrators went by the name “Dr. Black;” 33 reported a Dr. Swartz;
34 reported a Father Joseph; 30 reported a Vaterchan. 34 helpers had heard adult survivors report that Mengele was involved in their abuse. 166 survivors reported hearing mind control programmers who spoke German or with heavy German accents.

CIA Director Allen Dulles (1953)

. . . we have no human guinea pigs, ourselves, on which to try out these extraordinary techniques [referring to Communist brainwashing techniques].” Sometime after this speech, in an effort to win the “battle for men’s minds” between the United States and the Soviet Union, Dulles set up MKULTRA. He authorized mind control experiments testing such techniques as brain implants, sensory deprivation, ultrasonics, torture, amnesia-inducing drugs, biologicals, psychological stress, electroshock, and hypnosis.” (Dulles, A. W. [1953, May 8]. Brain Warfare—Russia’s Secret Weapon. U. S. News & World Report, p. 58).

Declassified CIA Document (MKULTRA) One of the documents specifically stated that experimental studies of the postulated abilities of a few specially gifted subjects would be studied [see Gordon Cooper’s comments below] and “that in working with individual subjects, special attention will be given to disassociative states which tend to accompany spontaneous ESP experiences. Such states can be induced and controlled to some extent with
hypnosis and drugs...”

". . .The data used in the study will be obtained from special groups such as psychotics, children [on the EAS, 257 adults reported that they had been used as children to obtain data in these studies] and mediums...Learning studies will be instituted in which the subject will be rewarded or punished for his overall performance and reinforced in various ways–by being told whether he was right, by being told what the target was, with electric shock, etc.” (Subproject 136 of MKULTRA CIA Mori ID#17395 ESP Research, 1961 and 1962)

Number of survivors who have remembered:

forced drug usage 236
sensory deprivation. 222
having beliefs indoctrinated by perpetrators 221
electroshock 217
near-drowning experiences 186
aversive hypnosis 171
brain implants 71

228 survivors answered “yes” to the question: “My perpetrator(s) deliberately created/programmed dissociative states of mind (such as alters, personalities, ego-states) in me.”
228 said that they had been diagnosed with dissociative identify disorder (DID).
171 said they had experienced basic mind control programming in the control personality.
219 remembered seeing perpetrators wearing white doctors’ coats
159 stated that one or more of their alters had access codes.
Herbert Hoover (Report by Secret Group for White House, 1954) “It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination...There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto
accepted norms of human conduct do not apply.” (1954 Hoover Report. As quoted in Moyers, B. [1988]
. The Secret Government
. Cabin John, MD: Seven Locks Press

159 survivors had heard Greek letters used in connection with their abuse.
207 had experienced self-destruct programming installed in the event that they began to remember the programming.
156 reported that perpetrators had made them believe that external entities/spirits/demons
had taken over their bodies.
228 had been threatened with death if they ever talked about their abuse.
128 had been taken out of their schools to other locations for mind control programming, then returned to their classrooms.
160 had experienced sexual mind control programming used by handlers
for blackmail or personal use.
128 had experienced mind control programming through which they were trained to become assassins.
85 had fantasized as children that they were being tortured by doctors.
110 are able to speak and/or write in unknown languages and/or codes.
165 said that their mind control had originated from their families of origin.