Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Occult Symbolism in Food Processing Industry Logos

Since the subject of occult symbolism in the entertainment industry has been done to death, both here and elsewhere, I figured I would focus on something a lot less glamorous but far more fundamental to all of our day-to-day lives. What got me started on the subject was stumbling across an Abovetopsecret thread on how the Nabisco logo resembles the pontifical cross of Lucifer, a symbol that has traditionally been used for occult rituals of the Left Hand Path. The original poster pointed out that, since the circle and the infinity symbol can both be interpreted to mean eternal life, the meaning of these two images could be the same. Before you die laughing at the idea of the undoubtedly stuffy and unfashionable Nabisco CEO engaging in Luciferian rituals, remember that there really is a conspiracy to convince Americans to eat toxic garbage, and that conspiracy has everything to do with centralization of food production into the hands of a few companies whose owners most likely belong to the occult fraternities so prominent in global politics.

Agricultural centralization is a problem equally as important as anything occurring in the cultural sphere because of its potential for causing widespread famine, disease and ecological catastrophes that can destroy human habitats. To cite one example, the clearcutting of forests necessary for monocropped industrial farms mean that any violent storm systems occurring in the region will cause an exponentially greater amount of hardship for surrounding communities, since the absence of wind blocks in the form of trees allows for an unimpeded course of destruction. There are, however, ancient horticultural methods that can render these destructive and wasteful practices obsolete, as we shall soon see.
In recent centuries, industrial agriculture has relied on tilling the soil, in addition to the widespread application of chemical fertilizers, despite the fact that these measures have been scientifically proven to result in only a short term rise in soil fertility. In the long run, destruction to soil pathways through tilling leads to compaction and erosion, resulting in poor soils that cannot support the plant life we all need to thrive. Additionally, synthetic fertilizers, which only supply the bare minimum of nutrients, need to be applied in greater and greater amounts which means more profit incentive for agricultural supply cartels and less independence for small farmers. The singular focus on monocrops also means the annihilation of a complex ecosystem that has taken thousands of years to evolve. This web of life is what prevents single organisms from acquiring a monopoly on natural resources in any given bioregion.

As a consequence of this artificial reversal of biological principles, our food supply has become increasingly vulnerable to pests and diseases, since the natural checks and balances that minimize these problems, such as beneficial, predatory insects that consume agricultural pests, as well as plants guilds that fix nutrients in the soil, increasing resistance to disease, have been all but eliminated. The loss of ecological complexity has, however, reaped windfall profits for the producers of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, in addition to those multinational food-processing conglomerates which have a vested interest in suppressing the rise of local food movements. This problem returns us to the issue of the New World Order of food production and the occult agenda of depopulation that underlies its policies.
Above are the logos of Dole, the world's largest fruit company, and Sunkist Grower's, Inc. The image of the sun is a symbol of enlightenment, another symbol for which, the Eye of Providence, is pictured on US currency. The sun's path through the Zodiac also represents the underlying mythology that unites both Abrahamic and polytheistic faiths in the esoteric fraternities of the global establishment.
Featured prominently on the General Mills Logo is a stylized "G", an important emblem in freemasonry, in part because of its association with gnosticism which is said to be the origin of the sect.
The Walmart logo contains a Hagalaz rune, which ancient Germanic cultures interpreted as a symbol of crisis, catastrophe, impersonal power and destructive elements of nature. Because Hagalaz was the ninth rune, it was considered to be an especially important one on account of the meaning of nine as perfection and completion. Hagalaz was also inscribed on the rings of Nazi SS members, enclosed by a hexagon. On a possibly related note, Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, was a Captain who worked for Army intelligence.
Targeting Starbucks will be easy for me since they have done more than any other company to put independent coffee shops out of business, meaning that, once a year or so, I inevitably succumb to the temptation of iced green tea and end up in the maw of its awful corporate-seeming atmosphere listening to bland soft rock against my will. The Starbucks logo, along with three pentagrams, contains the image of a twin-tailed mermaid. In the ancient world, this image would have been linked to Melusine, a heraldic figure that was frequently depicted on coat of arms for the nobility. Melusine, a half-woman and half-serpent being was said to be the daughter of Godfroi de Bouillon, former king of Jerusalem and founder of both the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion.
Returning to the Nabisco logo, one can see quite a bit of resemblance to the Cross of Lorraine, yet another heraldic figure associated with the Knights Templar, along with the Merovignians. According to the book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Merovignians are one of the primary families associated with both occult fraternities and international politics.
Grupo Bimbo is one of the largest baking companies in the world. Their logo displays a hexagon, an occult symbol employed to invoke the planetary sphere of influence, as opposed to the pentagram which symbolizes the elemental or terrestrial sphere of influence. Western occultism also associates hexagrams with the planet Saturn, which astrological systems interpret as the planet of structure, technical knowledge, ambition and old age. Maybe the Bimbo product designers chose the insignia for Saturn because regular indulgence in Bimbo products induces premature aging. ;)

Along with corporate control of the food supply is the accompanying draconian legislation of regulatory agencies that seek to eliminate small farmers through layers of bureaucracy that make it nearly impossible for them to compete with large-scale agricultural enterprises. This process is accomplished through licensing fees, arbitrary bans on home production of marketable food items, government subsidies to agricultural supply companies, and outrageously high fees for organic certification. The purpose behind this legislation is to commodify the organic food movement into an easily controlled market that can be repackaged as compatible with neoliberal globalization, leaving behind the emphasis on localism and sustainability that characterized the organic foods movement from its origins. Walmart, for example, has recently jumped on the organic bandwagon, yet all the farmers they've contracted with are, due to the comparatively lower profit margins of working with small farmers, either large-scale enterprises or located in foreign countries, where workers can be more easily exploited.

The possibility of resource descent from topsoil loss and aquifer depletion may end in widespread social inequality if collective stewardship of these resources is not pursued. Native American tribes are being labelled as terrorists because of their peaceful demonstration against shale oil extraction in their local watershed. Shale oil drilling has already resulted in poisoned water supplies and evacuation of entire neighborhoods. Despite environmental problems so severe that the Louisiana coast loses the equivalent of one football field an hour due to soil erosion, right wing conspiracy theorists have suggested that environmental destruction is a total falsehood concocted by the New World Order. While it may be true that the idea of peak oil is propaganda spread by oil companies looking to raise prices, any superficial observation of yellowed plants growing in disturbed soil by the highway reveals the immediate consequences that oxidized fossil fuels leave in their wake. As the species solely responsible for catastrophes such as last year's Gulf oil spill, we have a responsibility to the web of life which connects us to the rest of creation. Earlier cultures provided a system by which we can minimize our negative impact on the earth, through a philosophy which emphasizes the sanctity of the environment as well as its human caretakers.

Look at the garden above. On an intuitive level, isn't it more aesthetically pleasing than the endless rows of monocrops that define the modern industrial farm? In this case, your senses verify the ecological principle of complexity, which simply states that as a newly emerging ecology increases in complexity, there is also a corresponding increase in productivity. To the horticulturalist, this productivity translates to an abundant, diverse harvest. The ancient but recently-named system of permaculture aims to harness the principle of complexity through a cultivated ecology that uses diverse polycultures to closely mimic the intricately interwoven plant guilds found in nature. Mature permaculture settlements are small-scale systems composed of dense layers of forest gardens, efficiently designed housing and livestock integrated in a cohesive whole.

Permaculture philosophy also emphasizes the importance of localism, not only in food production, but also in bioregional government and economics, with limits to speculation and centralization of bureaucracy. Taken together, these principles form the basis of an environmental movement structured in such a way that it provides one of the only truly effective methods of resistance against heavily centralized global governance. Many in the patriot and truth seeker communities, recognizing the flaws in global food production systems, have focused on survivalism, stockpiling non-perishable goods and, typically, ammunition as well. Yet these avenues provide no tenable solutions for creating an improved society in which resources are more equitably distributed, meaning that impoverishment and food riots are a distinct possibility in the latter stages of the American Empire. Intensive study and practice in horticulture will demonstrate that no single family can create all the resources necessary for true self-suficiency. Scientific studies have also shown that soils vary tremendously in vitamin and mineral content from one spot to another, so relying on one small area for all your food needs is a strategy sure to lead to malnourishment, even assuming that the means to produce and maintain your own food are in place. So, true autonomy from authoritarian governments means, instead of the inherent competition and violence of unmitigated self-sufficiency, a return to small-scale systems of production backed by interdependent communities. Permaculture and all its sub-disciplines provide a way out of a grim future through an emphasis on local community and sustainability beyond the globalist paradigm.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vatican, Red Cross aided Nazis' flight, book charges

The missing element to this article is Project Paperclip, the OSS project started with the expressed intention of shipping Nazi war criminals to the US for scientific research. One of the primary focuses of that research was trauma-based mind control which had been perfected through Nazi torture methods. These techniques would later be utilized by the CIA and the military on both foreigners as well as American citizens, a history that can now be uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act. A very informative article about this process, specifically linking the research of Nazi war criminals to MK Ultra, can be found at Conspiracyarchives. Relevant information from FOIA documents has also been assembled over at

Vatican, Red Cross aided Nazis' flight, book charges

Author says Canada was one of many haven countries where war criminals took refuge after conflict

A new book claims thousands of potential Nazi war criminals and collaborators escaped justice in the years after the Second World War with help from the Vatican and Red Cross, using false documents and altered identities to emigrate undetected to a host of haven countries -including Canada.

Gerald Steinacher, author of Nazis on the Run: How Hitler's Henchmen Escaped Justice, probes newly opened files from the International Committee of the Red Cross and other war-era archives to reconstruct the strategies of evasion and routes to freedom used by potential war-crimes suspects, including SS officers, National Socialist Party officials and other possible perpetrators of Holocaust-era atrocities. As many as 8,000 ex-Nazis, whose wartime activities should have been probed by Allied authorities, reached Canada or Britain by questionable means...