Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spanish Catholic Church sponsored child trafficking network


Let's keep this story firmly in the context of what has recently been occurring between Roman Catholic sex abuse scandals, Church genocide of Mohawk children and Catholic priests openly admitting to their involvement in organizations formed with the specific purpose of legalizing pedophilia. Viewed in this light it should not be too hard to put two and two together. Moreover, Vaticancrimes.us recently published an article about similar child trafficking practices occurring in Viet Nam, and of course many of those children were also taken from their families and sold at an exorbitant rate for the benefit of the Church, as usual. Let's also remember that this incident, Operation Baby Lift, was not the only time a relief agency has been charged with trafficking children, as can be evidenced in the history of Dyncorp, a private military contractor whose employees were charged with kidnapping Eastern European girls and forcing them into prostitution. Similar to child-molesting priests within the Vatican, Dyncorp employees have been given legal immunity from prosecution under international law. But I suppose it would be unreasonable to suggest there's some kind of a pattern here, wouldn't it? (eyeroll)

Spain's Stolen Babies

Spain is reeling from an avalanche of allegations of baby theft and baby trafficking. It is thought that the trade began at the end of the Spanish civil war and continued for 50 years, with hundreds of thousands of babies traded by nuns, priests and doctors up to the 1990s. This World reveals the impact of Spain's stolen baby scandal through the eyes of the children and parents who were separated at birth, and who are now desperate to find their relatives.

Exhumations of the supposed graves of babies and positive DNA tests are proof that baby theft has happened.