Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on Belita Adair and Her Musical Project Satanic Corpse(edited on 5/19/11)

The previous post went into detail about Belita Adair, who was a psychic test subject studied by parapsychologist Andrija Pujarich in the military and CIA-sponsored MK Ultra Project. Since that post was published, I received an email from Belita which is a testimony to the exploitation that so many MK Ultra subjects have been through, treatment that has resulted in both physical and psychological harm for untold numbers. An informative article from Slate.com details how torture techniques employed in Guantanamo Bay were originally developed when CIA-funded doctors experimented on unconsenting American citizens via the use of forcible lobotomies, electroshock drugging, sleep deprivation and many other methods. Many MK Ultra subjects were subsequently unable to perform basic activities such as dressing themselves or using a toilet. Although some of their family members received a settlement, there is no way to gauge how many people's lives were ruined by the project given the fact that CIA director Richard Helms ordered all MK Ultra files destroyed in 1973. Much of what Belita mentions here can be verified in other places, specifically the forced drugging of children which is covered at length in part 7 of the stunning Human Resources documentary. Belita's letter begins after the jump.

Dear Sierra Peterson---I appreciate you writing and bringing to light the subject of those who were psychic test subjects,you really explained what I went through in a clear manner,I was just documenting the painful events I went through but you wrote it so very well...here are some other thoughts about it,that I want to share with you,and feel free to share them also if you see anything that may be important to this. There have been residual effects of the hell Andrija put myself and my family through,some very physical,it is just plain hard to function after all the stuff done to just about crush my psyce..but another underlining problem is also present, due simply in the harm caused by him lying to us,making money from my work and not ensuring I had some way to make a basic living while dedicating so much time to being a research "animal"..he blamed his fanatic wanting to keep everything I did "quiet" due to the hurt he suffered that Uri Geller left him and the research after he wrote a book on him,rocketing Uri to fame,so he did not want me to do the same to him..you are right,he must have had selfish motives..I remember when the ghost writer for Uri's own bio came over for dinner(which they made my sister cook for them) I had to stay hidden upstairs because he did not want the writer to maybe write a book on me...he hated me to play the piano saying music was a waste,I was to use all my gifts for science...hell yeah,the atomic numbers he got out of me while I was channeling,I actually heard him on the phone selling the formula for some kind of bomb...he was paranoid at that..thinking the government was out to get him,thinking I was going to be kidnapped,scaring my Mom about it...the Ossining home that housed the Faraday cage..was destroyed totally in a fire that he blamed on the government...and all the transcripts I believe went with it...all I had was the one that he sent...he sent it to my Mom when we were hesitating about going to London for more research...to show how important the "plan"was. yeah sure....this millionaire banking mogul,head of the bank of England was financing him for that,and I guess he needed to show a "subject"which was me to get all the monies he needed..When I was so thin and sick in Ossining I remember trying around midnight after exausting trance sessions all day , to make myself a little bread and cheese sandwich because I felt so weak,and Andrija pulled me out of the kitchen and stopped me from eating because he had an emergency need for more atomic numbers,so there I was again in the cage,hungry,tired and the session lasted till the morning hours,he was obssessive. I wake up at night at times from nightmares that I am still in the Faraday cage being asked for information. After every session he would get on the phone to someone Canada I overheard him giving the information that I just channeled.He then would have his Secretery laboriously transcribe the audio as fast as she could at his demands.I recently found an article online that stated the sessions were kept at 30 minutes in the cage for safety reasons because of the lack of air,the sessions were always at least 2 hours and beyond. .I remembered another thing about the tests done in the Faraday cage,each time when I was placed in the trance position which was laying down on pillows on the floor of the cage with Andrija behind my head sitting on a pillow,and he would rub my scalp with some consistant pressure and make me count backward from my age to 0 then press his finger on the middle of my forehead(Chakra 3rd eye area),I came across an article on Uri Gellers site,and it goes into the fact that Andrija used a very toxic mushroom Amanita Muscaria in the Stargate part of his research to induce a more active psychic state in the subjects that were in the cage,the compound about the size of a pinhead he would rub into the scalp of the subjects,it even states in the article that Uri could have unknowingly been given the mushroom by him,and I sort of put the two together,the dizzyness after each session and lightheaded feeling..confusion,depression not normal to me experienced after the sessions etc,of course the lack of air and electro magnetic stuff he had going on caused alot of that..but now I really am thinking he was not rubbing and rubbing my head and scalp just to mind link with me:-( 100% I feel what Andrija did by wanting all of my work kept quiet ruined my chance to get respect and a name which in turn,made for my bleek future...a "name" in the paranormal field would of translated into seminars,more tv work,more music concerts which would have = me-- making a living-- at what I work hard at and do to the best of my abilty.It was like,24/7 doing the research work,and then...thrown out into the real world...well,time to support myself,only catch...I am not qualified for anything else but what I spent my time doing,it is a cruel turn.I was trashed,my music was trashed,my whole life was trashed..because no-one will listen..to a unknown person..that is a fact...and if I could..I would post this on a sign for all the world to see..my pain,I suffer because I am only human...and I cannot undo what was done....in the transcripts(the pages I have uploaded on facebook, even the spirits I channeled were lied to,they asked.I live now in utter poverty,our house(I live with my sister Tania) has no heat in winter and when the temps are the triple digits,no a/c ,this is a place where mostly immigrants from central america live,crowded houses and shanty homes built in the back of all the houses,with many families crowded into these small homes...it is not safe,my Sister contracted an almost deadly case of Shigella from the dirty water hitting our tap water system last April,she was taken to an indigent hospital where she was lucky to have been given many antibiotics that saved her. My one wish is that we could move to a safe home,but with no money that is impossible right now.
Sincerely and in Friendship,
Belita Adair
Hail Satan--Rise Up Against Abuse!--The Left Hand Path Holds A Curse To Those Who Mistreat The Children of Darkness--My Life And My Music Are Sacred

Belita is a very talented musician and I would go out of my way to purchase her albums even without knowing anything of her situation. Here is a link to donate. The latest album is a free download but all donations keep her afloat and producing more music for all to enjoy. If you like black metal at all then listen to this track the whole way through because it's a slowly unraveling narrative. It's not my intention to sound like a commercial but her musical project, Satanic Corpse, really is that good.

Here, also, is a talk Belita gave on the principles of Satanism, which I'm including
for the purpose of further ingratiating myself with the anti-New World Order crowd. ;)