Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Second update on Belita Adair, edited

This will just be a quick update. Belita has been kind enough to create a web page of the transcripts from her MK Ultra hypnosis sessions for me to share here. Also included are photos of her with the famous parapsychologist, CIA asset and brainwashing handler Andrija Pujarich. Belita has been through a lot and is still more than willing to make her personal history available, which is more than the majority of MK Ultra subjects are able to do. So if you want to help with preserving this information, then please donate to the cause of her musical project, Satanic Corpse, a below the radar black metal project that deserves to share the spotlight with other major label black metal groups out there touring and headlining clubs. After listening to her debut, Allegiance of Darkness, I can honestly say that it is easily in my top 5 favorite black metal releases of all time, an assessment I would not hand out lightly. Here is a link to download but, by all means, give the woman some money too!!!

On another note, below is the latest Lady Gaga video which is genius as usual, more from the visual effects and conceptual aspects than the music itself. I have to say, though, whatever she's in touch with here is not entirely a good thing, what with the video's story of a synthetically created "new race" of superior beings birthed in "government controlled territory". The imagery's potential for glorification of transhumanism, the merging of the human body with technology, is a distinct possibility and I just don't see this development leading our society in a beneficial direction. To mention one example, researchers have recently utililized nanotechnology to genetically engineer viruses able to maximize fuel efficiency in solar cells. Given that studies have proven how genetically modified foods cause organ damage in rats who consume them, what will happen to human DNA when technologies of this variety are released en masse into the environment, without the slightest pretense of public oversight? It is very likely that mainstream musicians are being used to glorify the idea of humanity as yet another technologically malleable resource. This development would open the way to nanotech monopolies that accidentally create diseases through greed and negligence, as well as famine through GMO crop failure, and then market the "cure" back to consumers in the form of medicines that permanently alter our genetic structures. See Margaret Atwood's masterpiece for a more complete rundown. It is highly improbable that this is what Gaga means when, in the manifesto that introduces the song, she mentions a "new race" born without prejudice, but there are public relations experts out there who will certainly make use of this naivete.

Whatever the case, her work really resonates with me, probably because we share the same guardian angel. o_o And I have to be amused with the wholesome and somewhat ridiculous messages of sexual empowerment mixed with some of the most sinister imagery imaginable. The Christian right will go nuts over this and I suppose I agree with some of their criticism. But the purely aesthetic qualities of what she's doing here transcend those agendas towards which she's being used, in my humble opinion. So I will not hesitate to say that Lady Gaga simply rocks. I just wish she would get her head out of the clouds and wise up to the manipulation going on around her.