Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sex parties and ritual abuse at the Bohemian Grove

via Anthony Sanchez's Facebook status:

Back in the early nineties, my girlfriend worked for a venture capital firm whose two principals (Co-Owners) were members of something called the Bohemian Club. It was 1993 when she told me that the CFO secretly told my girlfriend who was the accountant that the two owners would literally get naked, play poker, have sex with the male wait staff, and meet with other members from all over which included politicians, CEOs, etc. to discuss plans affecting industry, and politics all across the country and the world, “New World Order” stuff.

I told her that it was bullshit... I was 23. Several years later I learned it was all true.

I remember one time when my girlfriend had a fall-out with the CFO I called the firm and spoke directly with one of the principals. He was creepy as Hell. He agreed with me and assured me that she had nothing to worry about, and then he damn near wanted to have me over for sex, along with my girlfriend. The emphasis was on me. No joke. He invited us both to his boat in Monterrey for the weekend. I declined.

A couple of years later the secretary, a friend of ours, admitted that she was attending sex parties (orgies) for the "old money - Stanford educated" crowd, initiated through the same guy. She said the money and trips, etc. fooled her into thinking it was okay. It was only after they began forcing her to attend weird ceremonies to get fucked by lots of men that she decided it was too much. We’re talking REAL "Eyes Wide Shut" scenarios.

I was so young back then, and I was not educated on the Bohemian Club nor did I realize how influential these Palo Alto people were. I was not impressed with the wealth, nor did I ever question how it was that these two guys alone determined the direction, fortune and failures of so many early Silicon Valley companies. The list of companies was unreal.

My girlfriend worked for them for close to six years. I learned so much about their inner workings through her. One thing she left with was having learned how to make tens of thousands each month simply handling large amounts of cash, moving it around from one type of account to another generating a lot of interest for these guys, a major portion of her job. And that was just one of the ways they educated her on generating insane amounts of money... they once gave us passes to Davies Symphony Hall to see the San Francisco Symphony perform Antonin Dvořák... we had opportunities like that all the time. We were invited to private wine tastings, parties, etc. and those assholes regularly tried to lure my girlfriend away from me...my girlfriend was a model who was asked personally by Eileen Ford for runway work... she was perfect for them... it is not a gay club as much as it is a Luciferian group of slave owners that like to indulge in strange rituals which possibly include homosexual encounters. I know that these same guys also like to have sex with women as well.
..I just met with my ex-wife yesterday and she told me she ran in to the former CFO (from that time, who she worked with) and was told that both the owners are STILL ALIVE and still in business. Age Imposition through child sacrifice? I mean come on!! These guys must be in their 90s now.*