Saturday, January 26, 2013

Words of eloquence: part 2

The following confrontation between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan makes a fitting addition to yesterday's post about GOP candidate Phil Davison's public meltdown. The best part is where Jones offers to bring a boxing ring in to fight Piers Morgan while wearing red, white and blue. This comment was made in a clear state of rage and mental agitation. Liberal media, you've been warned.

With people like Alex Jones and Phil Davison speaking out for the cause of civil liberties, what could possibly go wrong? Gun control wimps, your days are numbered.

Posturing aside, one of the biggest problems with this interview is that Jones does everything possible to undermine the idea that psychiatric medications lead to violent behavior just as much as the widespread availability of firearms does. When a public representative of the anti-psychiatry movement can't even speak about the issue without flying into a rage, that person's obvious emotional instability will cause the psych industry-educated public to believe that these anger management issues are the product of a lack of medication. Televised meltdowns like the one above are one reason why the anti-psychiatry movement needs to focus on holistic alternatives to psychiatry at the same time as publicizing the catastrophic, brain-damaging "side effects" of psychiatric medications. Because without emotionally stable public representatives, anti-psychiatry will inevitably be dismissed as tinfoil hat pseudoscience.