Thursday, December 20, 2012

Album of the year: Illuminations of Vile Engorgement

Ok, so Illuminations... wasn't released this year. Who cares? This "music" makes most death metal sound like Kenny G. I'm seriously incapable of listening to it without laughing. Part of what's so funny is the sheer volume of lengthy, irate reviews on Metal Archives, counterbalanced by equally verbose, laudatory reviews. From the Youtube comment section: "I listened to the blender sound for about 30 seconds before realizing it was the vocals". Is this even a serious attempt at making music? I dismissed it as juvenile shock tactics the first time, but repeated listening sessions revealed surprisingly intricate structural patterns superficially obscured by what appears to be repetitious monotony. And no, that's not a drum machine. Is Enmity the moronic nadir of pop cultural decay, or an underrated work of savant genius? I'm inclined towards the latter, and have lately been fantasizing about playing it over the intercom at the local mall for all the Christmas shoppers. Wouldn't it provide an appropriate soundtrack for all the Black Friday maniacs pepper spraying each other to clear a path to the Xboxes? 10/10.