Sunday, November 11, 2012

Odz Manouk: the Sloth, updated

warning: Here comes another going-off-the-deep-end post...

via Encyclopedia Metallum:

I just found this blurb about Odz Manouk that seems relevant, considering its similarity to the myth of how the Merovignian dynasty was founded by a sea monster, as well as the story of Melusine, the half-serpentine mother of the first Plantagenet king. "In Armenian mythology, Odz Manouk was the son of a nameless king and queen who was born as a serpent. Rejecting any other food, he was fed virgin maidens and kept in a secluded chamber beneath the king's castle. One day, a young woman named Arevhat was captured as a meal for Odz Manouk. When the king entered his monstrous son's chamber, he found that Arevhat was still alive and that his son had turned into a beautiful young man. Odz Manouk and Arevhat then succeeded the king and queen as rulers of Armenia."