Sunday, October 7, 2012

Antisemitism and conspiracy "research"

The number one way most conspiracy researchers are discredited is by going off the deep end with anti-Jewish rants, so it has been extremely disappointing to see that one of the main sites that has been publishing my writing has gotten involved with promoting this line of thinking. A few thoughts on the subject, even though I am by no means an expert in this area: First, the basic principles of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the infamous anti-Jewish tract which was later publicized by the Nazi party, are much more accurate when perceived as a disclosure of the methods of the cryptocracy (covert rule by secret societies). Many researchers have suggested that the tract was deliberately disseminated in order to encourage researchers to write antisemitic hate literature, thus discrediting themselves in the process and preventing exposure of elite malfeasance.

Second, and even more problematic, is the way that many researchers assume the war crimes of the state of Israel to be the responsibility of all Jewish people. If government truly represented the interests of its citizens then there would be no need for conspiracy research in the first place. Legitimate conspiracy research exposes the way that all governments are linked by connection to organized crime and subversion of the democratic process, and Israel is no exception to that rule. One line of research that is quite interesting is the history of how the Rothschild family has had an inordinate influence on the rise of Zionism, an ideology which can only be interpreted as explicitly racist since it is based around a core belief of ethnic nationalism. Given the Rothschilds' history of war profiteering, their motives in the political and financial promotion of Zionism would hardly be inexplicable. There is some question here as to whether or not antisemitism is even the correct term for discrimination against Jews since it discounts the extensive history of Jewish conversion which would diminish claims of racism, given the presence of non-semitic Jews. But that is a complex question best left for another time.

The point is that, in all of the supposed "Jewish conspiracies", the real secret is that elite elements of society have attempted to shift the blame for their own crimes onto the shoulders of all Jewish people, who should never have been held responsible for these problems. Ironically, everyday Jewish people are the ones who are most endangered by these lies, since they have been confronted by the inevitable backlash against the supposed "Jewish threat". The complicity of the alternative media in spreading this disinformation is inexcusable, and it never ceases to surprise me that otherwise intelligent people keep falling for this ruse again and again.