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MK ULTRA EXPERIMENTS--Dark Secrets from the Faraday Cage

The following essay is copied from the website of Belita Adair, the brilliant musician behind the black metal project, Satanic Corpse. Belita's account of being subjected to dangerous oxygen deprivation experiments by the famous parasychologist Andrija Pujarich follows after the jump. Abuse and exploitation of children is standard practice within the MK Ultra mind control project, however, Belita has managed to continue creating music for the world to enjoy. Please support her by making a purchase. In my opinion, Satanic Corpse is the single most underrated black metal project in existence. Although Belita states that she suffers from brain damage as a result of Pujarich's unconscionable oxygen deprivation experiments, the following video attests to her undeniable musical genius.

Belita Adair was a psychic lab rat--Secret MK ULTRA Experiments done on her in the Faraday Cage by Dr.Andrija Puharich in the 70's

Dark Reflections-MK Ultra Experiments Posted on Belita's site April 26, 2011 This time has been a point of reflection for me,a time of connecting with the essence of darkness,the demonic dimension.I have remembered the beings that came to /through me they are still with me,they still walk in the portals between this world and the next the E.V.A. voice, which is present in my music.. all this was what was channeled through me while I underwent those horrible psychic tests locked in that Faraday cage in Ossining N.Y where Parapsychologist Dr. Andrija Puharich conducted hours of research on me, turning off almost all the air in the cage and moving electric currents., under his helm .he kept pumping me to obtain the knowledge he wanted, atomic numbers, formulas that the presences spoke through me.. and the direction from them to him,that this should be out via my music and philosophy for the world to see,he on the other hand wanted this all kept stealth and quiet,he even lied to the beings saying he would get the E.V.A. voice which spoke through me out to the world via electronic medium as they requested Eva in essence I researched can mean the equivalent to Dead Life which make it associated with vampiric essence many times.I use this every day and as I channel my music recordings.. when I channel this happens.. it is a dark force. This is with me always the lasting effects of being a MK Ultra experiment subject, deprived of air in the me brain damage and it is hard to function in the world.
---The lasting effect continues--memories of the tests--
It seems like only yesterday, and then in some ways it feels like another lifetime, now at 50 years of age, I still deal with the effects of the psychic tests done on me as a kid in the 70's. I remember each time when he locked us( Himself my Sister and Me into the cage..he would have me lie down and rubbed hard ... into the center of my forehead with his index finger, ... ,I remember my Mom getting upset that each time I emerged from the cage my hair in front of my head was all oily,we had no clue of what was going on,now that I think back,he most likely had some kind of substance(a drug???) on his fingers and administered it via my skin.??? Once I came out of the cage and really lost it. ..we were all dizzy, My Sister Tania was also in the cage with me and became ill feeling and nauseated.even Puharich was giddy ...that day seemed like the air was totally absent in the cage.I just tranced out and felt near death. .he pushed open the heavy sealing door of the cage..reeled outside with us.. and just about fell onto a soft seat in the sun room that led to the cage looking confused ...I ran out to the other part of the house and started hanging off of the staircase with eyes closed in his home, tears running down my face.. and I was like really out of it..delusional.. so he grabbed me and put me into the bedroom where I was just rolling on the bed and screaming ..seeing hallucinations.. till it wore off and I came more back to normal... but never really felt "myself".. he attributed it to just a psychic episode of some kind that I had and did not want to hear anymore of it. I never had used any recreational drugs so it was most likely that I had a severe reaction to what was given to me without my knowledge or consent during the sessions.

He had Magic Mushrooms in giant pickle jars in the dining room. dried and brownish who knows what was possible with all that going on.

His lies kept me and my Mom and Sister on the hook, like he cared and wanted the best for me and them,that he would make things right and direct us to the best way to handle the psychic gifts, and how to present them to the world in the right way etc etc.. meanwhile he just pumped me for info... put me in the cage night and day...


It was summer of 1975,a theatrical agent from Ojai CA who became interested in my music and also psychic abilities,introduced me to two producers who had offices on the lot of MGM studios ...I entered the room and as soon as I walked through the door a large clock behind one of the producers desk,stared ticking..he said the clock never worked the whole time he had it in the office...they were excited about the phenomena that happened. .they right away wanted to involve me in being studied at psychic research programs,saying that it would validate my true gifts..and promised if I went and got tested,they would get me bookings,talk shows etc so I could get known....Sam Pekinpah,the director had an office next to theirs...and saw me going into their office and wanted to meet me,so a meeting was scheduled..the writer Ray Bradbury was also present...we all sat around the floor,sharing inspired thoughts,meditations..the tone was very spiritual and intellectual,Peckinpah even wanted to make a movie with me,as a Devil and Angel...but he never did make that film the two producers...first they arrange a session with Dr. Thelma Moss at U.C.LA. to observe my psychic abilities....then the tests were arranged by them at Stanford was the Professor of Psychology who was overseer as I was tested,they did language tests,by bringing in foreign students,ancient language professors,music tests by a music professor,psychic tests done by the overseeing professor..but then..there was this one Mom,Sister, the overseeing Parapsychology Professor,and the theatrical agent were not permitted into the room,I was taken away alone by a group of people,I have no idea who they were. .in clinical lab dress .both woman and men... after being locked in a dark closet room and mentally bombarded with insults and screaming and a funny piercing noise by this group who were operating some sort of technical,machine,board or something... ,I came out of the locked room pale,weak,and fainting, after that I was never the same and I became Anorexic and lost weight..and by the course of a few months was less then 80 pounds rather then 110.

Before that incident I was a sort of normal healthy happy young girl... who liked playing music,playing with dolls,dancing and reading comic books..well maybe a little bit weird in the way that I talked with spirits, and just happened to have a psychic gift.

That year my health wasted away,I was losing more and more weight and had deep rings under my eyes,I felt mentally tormented and did not know Mom was not in good health as well...she had to have a hysterectomy to save her from dying..after her surgery...we became in contact for the first time with Dr.Andrija Puharich.first via telephone conversations with my Mom...he. was very interested in my gifts..and also how I became plans were made by Puharich for us to go to be with him in New York...when in Ossining....I remember him asking my Mom..what the timetable to me becoming ill was,the symptoms,all details he said he must know..and he promised that he would take the burden of me being a sick child off of her by helping and understanding...she told him how I became ill right after the tests at Stanford..prior to that I was normal...and that she was grateful that he will help us.


The tests changed me for life .my body was skin and mind cloudy....I wanted to be like I was before I got sick.....I remember I was trying to eat a little cheese sandwich at about midnite at the kitchen table in the Puharich home in Ossining...and this is what happened...

After a grueling day of Faraday sessions, Puharich grabbed me and would not let me eat it and needed me to go back into the cage right then till the early morning hours,because he needed some extra info on Atomic numbers to clarify something channeled in the last session ...I started to lose even more weight during my stay in Ossining.. and my Anorexia became worse due to the strain of the sessions.


We traveled to New York From Ojai California, when he picked us up at the airport,the coldest February 1977, snowing and seemed really freezing as I was used to the west coast was a rather long drive out to his house, and he pointed out to me the Sleepy Hollow area.. the Headless Horseman legend... and I was excited trying to peer into the woods as we drove by ...he took us to a Chinese restaurant.(he was acting really kind of nice at first.. and I believed him and trusted him).. we all talked about the "plan for my psychic work under his direction , ate a little and drank tea ..he was jovial,and kind of loud spoken..which I actually liked about him..... and then we hopped back into the car.. drove a little more then reached the long driveway that led to his house at 87 Hawkes Avenue Ossining N.Y...

The house was white with red trim.. it was a large home and the grounds of snow capped trees seemed to be expansive.. with extra houses that other test subject lived in on the grounds. so we entered the main house..he had a grand piano set in front of the window.. I liked that he had one so I could play it.. he escorted us upstairs to the bedroom that was ours to stay in,we unpacked and settled in.. we had to pay for our own food and things we needed, so we gave him a 500.00 check given to us by our relative Aunt Marie to cash for us, so we could buy what we needed,he took the check and said oh.. this will pay for my expenses...and we never saw the money again.. so we were low on funds and had to do without...
Maybe things were not going to be a wonderful as I had thought they would be.. but I was hoping that good things would come from the psychic research work there so faced the first week with optimism...I was unaware of what was to come. The weeks of tests started to really get to me,it was so face the airless chamber ,I just wished I could be walking outside in the trees instead of in there.. as he kept adjusting the air dial in the Faraday cage.. questioning me as I channeled The High Priestess... the 9 and other entities from a planet realm known as the Syabian world..After each days session,we all sat on Andrija's bed...Andrija resting on a bunch of Mom,Sis,me...curled up on the bed with him.. ..and we listened to the taped sessions from his tape recorder,it was then given to his secretery in the morning to transcibe,and placed in a secret place somewhere in the house. The tests in the Faraday cage were always done with him sitting behind me on the floor on pillows,me laid out flat with a pillow under my head always between Puharich's Sister had her pillow to sit that was how it happened..and then Puharich would press his finger into the center of my forehead as he sat behind me...put his tape recorder on.. that he kept beside him...he would get up and adjust a dial in the dark corner maybe about three times during the sessions.. that dial seemed to control what I noticed as the air flow into the metal cage..and that affected how I felt..some sessions made me feel more sick then others.

The ghost writer who wrote Uri Gellers biography..came over... and Puharich told my Mom.. that we are not to be mentioned to the writer and must stay away during the visit.. my Sister had to cook them a dinner.. but I was kept secret from the writer ..he did not want the writer to write something about me. then Solvieg,his assistant came over the next day.. and stayed overnight..and the giggling from Puharich's bedroom down the hall kept us up all night.

Then the next day a party with all his "big shot" friends and funders was happening. I asked that I could play the piano for the party.. he told me I should quit doing music and dedicate to science info only. and that I must stay hidden and again I was placed in the bedroom to stay unseen,with my Mom and Sis on his orders as he and his friends partied in the living room downstairs... then it was time for us to go back to California... he wanted us to sell everything including our home we had there, and return and stay with him in Ossining permanently.. but we were kind of disgusted with the whole thing by then.. and I was really sick in body and mind also..

So the long trip home to California on the plane.. wondering.. why this all happened the way it did ....I knew if I did not try to improve my health I would die.. so I tried to eat,and fought to overcome the Anorexia condition.. and I did gain some pounds back..


That spring/ summer we were pressured into going to London by Puharich .. .we get an urgent contact from Andrija calling my Mom on the phone, she was reluctant to do any more work with him as the last "episode"was not that fruitful.. he pressured us really hard.. and sent us the three round trip plane tickets to London...he sent us the transcripts that said I was to do my psychic work with his help as proof that we needed to adhere to the important information that was channeled through.. He had a investor..the head Of The Bank of England.. and he needed me to meet this person and demonstrate my psychic abilities. the banker wanted to see a real test subject in action,and Puharich picked me.. the banker was who had bought the plane tickets for us to come there... Puharich went to England a week ahead of us to "prime"the bank president..

We arrived in London in July of 1977,Puharich picked us up ..and could not drive well the other side.. and kept forgetting and driving on the wrong side of the road!.. we arrived glad to be still alive but frayed to a small Bed and Breakfast hotel. unpacked...wanted to sleep.. we had jet lag.. but Puharich insisted we walk with him to Hyde Park. off to the park it was.. the air was warm..London was beautiful.. but I was so sleepy.. then back to the small hotel.. to sleep finally...then early in the morning.. awoke to the owner calling..Breakfast..everyone up!.. and so it was toast and jam each early morning at six o clock.. the one meal of our day..we had no money...that day my Mom, Sister and I had an appointment to go to the bank and meet the Bank President-- The Bank of England --a large building..we entered and were directed upstairs and met by the bankers gracious secretary , who immediately had us sit in the lovely sitting room which was Victorian style, that was part of the office and made us tea and crumpets,served on Royal Doulton china.. then the Bank President,came into the room.

He was a good natured gentleman, smiling as he came in to meet us and then sat beside me.. psychic phenomena was his greatest interest . we all talked for a quite a long time.. .about supernatural subjects.. he then wanted to see the original transcripts of my Faraday cage sessions with Puharich.. he called Puharich to get those to him... so Puharich had to contact Solvieg to copy and overnight express the large package of files to him. Puharich was staying with a Lady who had a large house in London.. we had to walk to the house from the bed and breakfast to do the demonstrations that Puharich arranged.. once a cold freezing large spot of air filled the room as I played the piano, demonstrating to them my psychic abilities of channeling languages and music at the gathering...

Puharich wanted everything I did to be kept quiet.. I remember something just driving me to stand up from playing the piano in like a spirit possession.. and it said to they all sat very proper in the drawing room evaluating my psychic abilities.. a possessed voice deeper then my own "Get off your rear ends! and do something to present this music to the world " the air was so cold..even though it was summer.. and the room was warm before the phenomena happened.. they were shocked.. .frozen.. and the vibes were very negative.

This was the time when the writer for London Newspaper Psychic News observed the demonstration and evaluated by abilities.. Puharich warned him not to write a word of what he saw ... the writer broke the story anyway in the July 23rd 1977 Psychic News. Then the next week the bank president wanted to see a Faraday cage type session in person--- so Puharich arranged a session area in the back room of the house.. my Mom wanted to join in and watch, but Andrija slammed the door in her face! only my Sister was allowed to come in with me...

So the Banker, Puharich my Sister and I were locked in the room... Puharich did the regular counting me back.. pressing on my forehead with his finger... and then questioned the High Priestess that I was channeling.. and telling her all of this work must be kept very one must know about any of it... then a spirit called the 9 came through me..speaking in a low gruff voice.. in demonic reached backward in contortion at Puharich's head.. saying something to the likes of "I will rip your head off and it was calling Puharich bad names" ..I felt like I was behind with another presence in front of me saying this..I was shocked and confused! my body was forced up to standing position without being counted back out of the hypnotic state ...and Puharich was visibly angered and would not even look at me or say anything.. .. this was all very exciting however to the Bank President..who clapped his hands.. and said it was very interesting and entertaining even hair was sticking out with electricity.. my Mom could not imagine what happened as we walked out of the room... and I think she was a little embarrassed that something like this incident happened....but she was getting fed up with the whole situation as if the spirits were they were what!

We were then given the cold treatment by Puharich... well a few days later my Sister Tania had a fight with him about him not keeping his promise to call the BBC, news agencies and publicize the demonstrations I was doing on the piano..he lied to us...she was so mad she called his space work..crazy! saying " all your space crap is crazy" ....because he did not follow up on things he said and promised.He just laid around and he kept saying he wants everything kept quiet.. after he acted so urgent about us having to go to England because of the "plan"and setting the Trinity plan into motion... for launching my music and gifts into the world... and all of what he said.. was a total lie..I believe that all this was real,that something paranormal wanted this work out in the world..and that he turned his back on the spiritual entities, that I channeled--and he also turned his back on me --after he got the money from the banker by showing him a psychic test subject.. Puharich was done and off to other things after he received the large funding. He(Puharich) could care less about "us"(my Mom,Sis and I)... now he was too "busy" to see us..they..(him and the Lady and friends) all took trips to Stonehenge and had dinner parties.. but did not invite us. he distanced himself from us...we were hungry most of the time...we walked around England by ourselves to see the museums.. city..I mean we were there..we might as well see the place.. Puharich had dumped us... he was cold and unfriendly to us.

Then we get a call from the Bank President.. saying he wanted to see us..he had not seen Puharich for a week.. and he wanted to talk more with us about the psychic subject, he felt bad we had no food..and were staying in the small B&B...the rare summer heat that year was quite uncomfortable in the small quarters of that room.

The banker had his Butler drive him in his Rolls Royce to pick us up.. we went to his mansion.. it was a place of massive rose gardens and looked like a castle.. then he took us to dinner at a nice exclusive French restaurant.. we were starved..this was the first time I ever tasted gooseberries... after a large main course.he ordered me a desert with those berries and I loved it.... he got us a large room suite at the most exclusive hotel in London. .with was really nice of him to help us like that...the weeks ahead..were without Puharich..but very in that beautiful hotel.

We also were invited by the head of the London Psychic college to see a spirit Medium.. the Medium channeling a spirit felt the spirits that were around me as I entered the room...her spirit was at first frightened and put his hands up.saying the spirits around me were very strong..then he relaxed and spoke to me saying I had psychic work to do.. -- in the world...I enjoyed the Mediums session very much and found it insightful to my present situation.

Puharich had promised BBC television shows, media coverage of all the demonstrations ...and then wanted everything kept quiet after we arrived in England..we were lied to....when it was time to go back home..we had to take a taxi to the airport by ourselves,..left hi and dry... then we headed back again to California ..bewildered. He wrote us once in a while bragging letters of how busy he was and had big seminars...and how he was getting so much publicity.


Puharich contacted us after we went to live in Vegas.. in the early 80's this Sister and I.. we picked him up from the airport and took him to a vegas strip hotel buffet..then back to our house... and as he was staying a couple of days in Vegas..he lived in my Grandmothers house in the upstairs room she had..the next day we drove him to the Electronic Show convention he was attending.. we could not go in with him because he was using someone else's credit card, and that is the reason he gave why we could not enter with him.. I went to visit with him at my Grandmothers.. I remember sitting at the dining room table... and he looked at me.and said just out of nowhere... you appear stunted! meaning to the effect that I had a mentally stunted condition..not offering to assist..just ridiculing me. He did not talk about psychic subjects.Dr.Puharich believed in NOTHING,he only wanted it was natural that his conversations were just about the "mundane" busy and famous he was etc etc.rather then the subjects of spiritual evolution....he used me as a lab rat and left me to struggle through life ...maybe I am stunted in my mind by the MK ultra experiments.. I have no idea exactly what was done to me without my knowledge during these sessions.. but I feel the effects... it is hard for me to get certain parts of my brain to work as I go through daily activities to this very day.

This log written by Puharich test subject Belita Adair June 30 2012

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