Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Haheuiah: Angel of Protection

Warning: this post is not intended for those readers who subscribe to a paradigm of scientific materialism. Actually, since there probably are not too many readers here who could be characterized that way, I will go ahead and talk about angels. Recently I've been in contact with two Monarch project whistleblowers who initially warned me that people who communicate with them tend to have "stuff" occurring in their vicinity. Being accustomed to nebulous "interference", so to speak, I didn't pay all that much attention to the warning. The second time I met with one of them, I was getting ready to leave when I heard what sounded like somebody in my backyard. A few years ago I would have just let my dog out but, since an acquaintance told me his brother was killed while confronting a robber, I've been more cautious. After the noise subsided I stepped outside to see that someone had taken my laundry out of the dryer and spread it all around the yard. Ok. Since this is not the first time that an intruder has been in my yard, and there are more than a few crackheads living in my neighborhood, I categorized the incident under coincidence. The third time I was getting ready to head towards her house was when I changed my mind about this assessment.

This time I had just let my dog out into the backyard when it occurred. It was raining that morning and for some reason she was running at full speed through the sopping wet bushes like a complete lunatic. Upon witnessing this act of insanity, I slammed the door shut in order to prevent her from charging back into the house and straight onto the couch where I would be sitting, savoring my momentary dryness. When the door loudly slammed shut I heard it click, meaning that it was securely closed. I then saw the cat walk into the kitchen, face the door and sit down in an area he never frequents. Since he is very habitual about his particular locations, I asked him why he was being so weird, the exact same question I asked the dog during the last anomalous incident. I then turned around only to see that the same door I had just securely closed was wide open. It actually took me a moment to realize that this was not something that should be occurring. And no, I don't believe there was an actual flesh and blood person on the other side of the door.

When I arrived at my friend's house a little later, she said that I should attempt to do some type of protection ritual because this could signify that something was trying to compromise my boundaries (or something along those lines). Since I had just created a pdf file of the UCM angelology calendar, I searched the document to find the most relevant deity and settled on Haheuiah, whose qualities include "warning in the wake of danger" and "protection against murderers and thieves". It never hurts to ask for something a little more dramatic than what might be strictly necessary. So, after a few days of contact, I got a flat tire on my way home from the library and decided to use the time spent walking home on doing an angel recitation, which the authors of the UCM calendar recommend for contacting any given angel. Within minutes of completing the meditation I walked in front of a yard adorned with literally the most beautiful angel statue I've ever seen. Again, it took me a minute to realize that the likelihood of this occurring less than 5 minutes after the angel recitation was miniscule. Then again, maybe I'm turning into one of those old ladies with embroidered cat sweaters and whale music CDs. It's hard to say.