Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best Alex Jones rant ever: UPDATED

via Dangerousminds

Behold Alex Jones wildly gesticulating while screaming about how the Bilderbergers smoke DMT to contact clockwork elves who will then use the hadron particle collider to rip a portal through the universe, after which the elves will stream into our dimension en masse and direct the Pentagon to install virtual reality tanks, connected to cybernetic components, for all American citizens. Apparently this is why the Bible has instructed us to not do drugs.

"I don't need DMT to see how evil these globalists are."

Setting the utter hilarity of the above rant aside, I don't actually endorse much of Jones's material given his probable affiliation with the neofascist Knights of Malta organization, as well as the overall fear-mongering and xenophobia that goes on at his site. What really did it for me was his open support of the far right Minuteman Project, an "immigration reform" group which was allegedly responsible for the murder of an entire immigrant family, including a 9-year-old girl. In truth, any social organizer who is genuinely concerned about the disenfranchisement of regular people by "global elites" will take notice of the routine theft of immigrant children by federal agencies, an atrocity which results in permanent estrangement for those children who are handed over to U.S. adoption agencies when their parents are deported.

Even so, I had to post the above video because it is probably the most spectacular meltdown I've ever seen and, besides, isn't it quite interesting when Jones mentions how he was let into the Pentagon's psychological warfare department on multiple occasions? Honestly, the guy reminds me of some of my otherwise decent, bigoted Texan relatives so I can't help but like him despite the fact that he is laughably ineffective at organizing any kind of "culture of resistance".