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Neuroscience of Psychic Phenomena: updated again 2/29/12

source: Reality Sandwich

Much of this information has been covered here already but it's nice to see common sense confirmed by academia for once. Of course, psychiatrists involved with the MK Ultra Project have been well aware of these occurrences for over half a century now but don't expect the documented history of their experiments to be published by the scientific establishment anytime soon. The following article needs some editing but it also publicizes academic research necessary for understanding the nature of military behavior modification programs. Illustrating this point is a quote from the neuroscientist, Diane Hennacy Powell, who was interviewed for the author's radio show: "Unfortunately, psychic research has never received adequate funding and the situation is even worse today in this economic climate. Some of the most compelling research was supported during the Cold War by various branches of US military intelligence, which felt that it could not afford to let the Russians become more advanced in this area. Some of this research was declassified in 1995 and there is still a wealth of information that is classified".

In this episode of Esoteric Voices, Diane Hennacy Powell talks about her research into the neuroscience of psychic phenomena. It started with her seeing a patient who started giving her a psychic reading that contained too much accurate information for her to ignore. She wondered how it was possible for people to know these types of things, and why there was a higher incidence of it occurring with people who are usually described as mentally ill.

One of the problems with researching psychics from a neuroscience perspective is that they are wary of having their brains scanned and risking exposure to radiation. What Powell did to overcome this was to look at already existing brain scans of patients who had higher incidents of psi experiences, which included people diagnosed as being bi-polor, having symptoms of ADD, or autism as well as people who have had head trauma, vivid dreams, or synesthesia.

Powell wrote a book called The ESP Enigma which reported her findings into the nature of consciousness. She found that psychic people tend be have more dominant right brains, and to that they have more activity in their limbic system, which is related to dreaming and emotional processing. She also found that DMT tends to activate the limbic system, and that it's present in our pineal gland or Third Eye, it's the active ingredient of ayahuasca, and that it's usually secreted during out-of-body or near-death experiences. more...

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The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena by Diane Hennacy Powell offers a 'science-based' look at psychic phenomena.

source: The Daily Telegraph of London, via

In layman-friendly style, Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, a practicing psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and contributor to the Institute of Noetic Sciences, posits that the world is in the middle of a paradigm shift in its understanding of consciousness...From that jumping-off point, Dr. Powell combs through decades of published studies, experiments, investigations by the CIA, anecdotal evidence of psychic experiences, accounts of prophetic dreams, work by famous psychics such as Edgar Cayce, and the conclusions of Carl Jung and Albert Einstein on consciousness and the illusion of time...Psychic phenomena appear to be real and a potential in everyone, Dr Powell concludes, and she places blame on Western culture’s left-brained dominance for its failure to function more intuitively and psychically...And this psychiatrist, who also trained at the Institute of Psychiatry in London and served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School before going into private practice, can hardly be labelled a New Age loon. As she puts it, “[T]urning a blind eye to psychic phenomena is no more an option than refusing to believe that spacecraft landed on the moon simply because we cannot explain the physics that made such a feat possible.”