Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another unlikely story....

Over the past few years I've been gradually cutting back on the amount of weed I'm smoking until it's down to a fraction of what it was: once every couple weeks now instead of several times a day. Sobriety is the ultimate goal. I've been using amino acid supplements temporarily to rebalance brain chemistry but I have to take them every day to avoid cravings. So this morning I forgot to take them and by mid afternoon I start having thoughts about how to get my hands on some weed. As I ride my bike to the grocery store another bicyclist starts riding alongside me and talking. My first thought is this guy smokes weed. I wonder if he has any. Right away he asks me if I have a rolling paper. So we stop at the 6-12 and I buy some papers. We then walk down a little alleyway and he starts telling me a story about something that happened to him years ago at a hospital. Incidentally, I wouldn't recommend wandering down alleyways with random strangers but my intuition about people is usually dependable so it happens on rare occasions.

He had lost two of his toes as a kid and ended up sharing a hospital room with a ten year old girl who he became good friends with. The girl told him her mom took happy pills to go to sleep at night. A couple years later he finds out that the girl had died after overdosing on her mom's sleeping pills. At this point it is forty years later and the guy, Jerry, ends up at the hospital, which is now abandoned, with several of his friends. While they are sitting on the grass outside, he hears a voice say Jerry, calling his name over and over again. His friends hear the voice too. He looks behind him and sees the girl standing in a window of the hospital, still looking as young as ever. Jerry says hello and asks what she's doing there and why she looks so young. She says don't you remember? I died of a drug overdose.

I was inclined to believe him because of the way he seemed to read my mind about smoking weed, but of course this could be a California thing too since pretty much everyone of a certain income bracket does it. Jerry also starts telling me about selling speed and I wonder if he know something about relevant subject matter, to phrase it ambiguously. As a matter of habit, I ask him if he's ever heard about satanic groups that murder people as part of a ritual human sacrifice. He says he knows all about it and swears that what he's about to tell me is true. Jerry had been living in an apartment that used to be a morgue before it was renovated. Already I am half convinced because Springmeier has written about how rituals are often conducted on the site of crematories and morgues because it is easier to dispose of evidence. Jerry tells me one day he is in the shower and touches the wall, which sounds as if it is completely hollow. Jerry works installing dry wall so he convinces his friend to let him rip out the wall to see what's on the other side. After removing it they discover a room with a steel table in the middle and what looks like autopsy tools.

The room also has a black book which turns out to be a diary that was apparently left by the coroner starting in the 1930s. The diary charts the course of several decades during which the coroner continually receives dead bodies with all the blood removed from them, except for trauma wounds which contain blood on the skin. None of these murders end up in the paper. The diary picks up years later and the entries are now written by another coroner who continues to receive dead bodies containing no blood. One afternoon a neighbor comes up to the coroner and asks him what's going on with the bodies. Has he discovered what happened to them yet? The coroner says no and asks the neighbor if he's been talking to the police. The neighbor says he just knows about it. The coroner wonders about their conversation and wants to talk to the neighbor about it more to find out what he knows. He even leaves a description of the street and house where the man lives. A couple weeks later the coroner leaves the apartment and discovers that the neighbor had been standing right outside his front door. He asks the coroner again if he knows anything about the bodies and of course the answer is no. This is where the diary ends.

Jerry and his friend then replace the dry wall but he can't stop thinking about it. Finally, he decides to follow the description to where the neighbor had been living. When he gets there he finds a very large house that is obviously owned by a wealthy person. Jerry stands outside the gate for awhile and then leaves. A few weeks later he comes back and does the same thing. This time a man comes outside. He says that he always sees Jerry riding around the neighborhood on his bike, breaking into cars. Then the man asks him if he enjoyed reading the diary.

He says it was placed there as a joke so Jerry and his friend would read it. The next part of what he told me sounds like a late night B movie. He also says he is a vampire who kills bad people and some of the other vampires in his group have the power to read minds. I suspect that, if this story is true, "mind-reading" could be a hidden camera although I wouldn't rule out remote viewing as a possibility either. It reminds me of Confessions of A Satanist, an articulate article written by a guy who brags about his involvement in snuff and kiddie porn, which he claims are niche industries run by and for the elite. My own experience in being in and around the black market confirms his claims that marginal elements of society are, instead of the source of the problem, more often expendable tools of higher-ups. In any case, Jerry was really creeped out by the guy but nothing ever came of their conversation. He hasn't been back to the house since then.

I may incorporate Jerry's anecdote into the Elite Human Trafficking story, in which case this post will get deleted as is the typical pattern. I'm going to meet with him soon to exchange homeopathy for tattoo work so at that point I'll get a better sense of the situation. In the meantime, if anyone recognizes the plotline of a B movie in the story here, please let me know so I can take this post down before too many people see it. :)

Another thing I want to add: others have pointed out that insider intel may be released to the public for a reason since, as anyone who studies the global power structure for any length of time knows, layers of disinformation can often be contradictory and seemingly unending. Many have surmised that the impending economic collapse of the US (which is not a certainty, by any means, although clearly the media has every intention of whipping the American public into a frenzy) has been engineered by bankers and others with an economic stake in international markets. So I wonder if the recent demonization of the US in international media doesn't somehow fit into that. I can see how personal scandals, such as the involvement of Pentagon employees in kiddie porn rings, could tie into removing the US from its current position of global dominance as a way to establish global governance. So this has got me thinking about the broader picture a bit, how to be responsible about reporting sensitive information in a way that doesn't further inflame current tensions. In a general sense, how are all these MK Ultra exposes ultimately going to be used? It's a troubling thought, and the reason for why I'm realizing that taking all the different factors into account is necessary if one wants to deal with this subject matter in a productive way.

On a personal level, obviously sobriety is an easy way to make sure that my own writing isn't "externally directed", so to speak. I've realized for awhile now that I seem to have some kind of magnetic attraction to these situations and, honestly, this too concerns me because I know how easy it is to manipulate people towards a specific agenda. Feel free to call me a megalomaniac here for thinking my blog will initiate the New World Order. ;) So anyways I'm working on it....