Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rest in peace, Dave MacGowan

The world lost a brave soul a few weeks ago with the passing of writer and researcher extraordinaire, Dave MacGowan. Dave tackled subject matter most people wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, whether from fear of professional failure or some of the more ominous consequences met by MK ULTRA whistleblowers, time and time again. Back in 2009, I remarked to a friend that he was a genius (not a phrase I dispense lightly) and was not surprised to find, a few years later, that he was a MENSA member. It still boggles my mind that someone without a shred of personal history with the intelligence community could not only understand the nature of military black projects but convey that understanding in a coherent, evidence-based way to the general public. His pattern recognition skills were phenomenal. Dave has been one of my personal heroes for 12 years now, since the first time I stumbled across Programmed to Kill while in the midst of interacting with a number of individuals whose MK UlTRA background helped me to understand the incredible importance of his work. To a very large extent, my own writing has been an attempt to expand upon that legacy. It was beyond an honor when he promoted one of my blogs on his Facebook page not too long ago. Under most circumstances I roll my eyes at people who cry over public figures they've never met in person, but in this case I completely understand. It was nice to be informed by a friend instead of a random internet stranger. Let's hope that another generation of researchers will take up where he left off, and the body of work he left behind will continue to grow in popularity. Rest in peace, Dave MacGowan. You will be missed.