Friday, January 18, 2013

Scotland Yard launch criminal investigation into historic claims 'senior aide of former prime minister had links to paedophile ring'

via Daily Mail:

Allegations that members of an ‘Establishment’ paedophile ring sexually abused boys in council care during the 1980s are to be investigated by police, it emerged yesterday. Former ministers, senior MPs, top police officers and those with links to the royal household are alleged to have indecently assaulted vulnerable, under-age males. Claims that showbusiness celebrities were part of the same ring will also be investigated. According to reports, the inquiry will focus on boys who were living at Grafton Close children’s home in Richmond, South-West London, in the 1980s. It is claimed the boys were taken from Grafton Close to Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, a suburban street in nearby Barnes where they were subjected to appalling sexual abuse.

One source is said to have suggested that Anthony Blunt, former Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures and an exposed Soviet spy, used to go to sordid parties at the guest house. Others are said to have spoken of two High Court judges and a Foreign Office official attending. Detectives launched the probe, codenamed Operation Fernbridge, after they obtained a list of ‘prominent people’ who allegedly stayed at the guest house in the 1980s...Allegations over Elm Guest House first emerged at a 1990 inquest into the suicide of its German manager Carole Kasir...Mrs Kasir had a 1982 conviction for running a brothel. But campaigners said the manager had no idea at the time of the child abuse.

Officers working on the probe are said to be liaising with Labour MP Tom Watson, who told the Commons in October that politicians belonging to a paedophile network had used their powerful connections to escape justice. He sensationally claimed a ‘senior aide of a former prime minister’ had links to a member of a child sex ring. He added that a file of evidence used to convict a man called Peter Righton of importing child pornography in 1992 contained ‘clear intelligence’ of a sex abuse gang. Raising the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Watson said: ‘The leads were not followed up, but if the file still exists I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10.’...‘The contact, who has seen the letters, claimed that one paedophile in particular was of great concern. He said the paedophile, who worked with children, boasted of a key aide to a former PM who could help get hold of indecent images of children,’ wrote Mr Watson....