Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Princess 'tried to flee three times'

The Sunday Morning Herald just published an article about how Princess Charlene had her passport confiscated by palace officials after repeatedly trying to return to South Africa to avoid her upcoming marriage with Prince Albert II. As with the case of Britney Spears, it is always disturbing to see a grown woman who is literally not allowed to make her own decisions. I can't say I know exactly what is going on here but her situation does seem like a pretty clear indication that arranged marriages are not exactly a thing of the past.

On a related note, a former FBI operative and employee of Albert's is threatening to come forward with an expose of the prince's indiscretions. Here are some choice quotes from a relevant article in The Sunday Times:

"Everyone wants to make friends with Albert, the prince of Monaco, the fairytale, Mediterranean mini-state whose balmy weather and strict banking secrecy have turned it into the playground of choice for tax exiles from all over the world...With its casino culture, gleaming yachts and luxury real estate, the tiny territory wedged between France and Italy has for long been a magnet for money of dubious origins...One of Eringer’s constant concerns was the penetration of Monaco by freemasons. According to the lawsuit, he briefed Albert “on the three masonic lodges in France and their overlap with organised crime, including links to Monaco.”

Former FBI agent Elringer went on to reveal how Albert continually became involved with businessmen accused of various illegal activities while making plans to establish a freemason lodge in Monaco. Here is an excerpt from the article about Princess Charlene.

Princess 'tried to flee three times'

Princess Charlene of Monaco tried to flee home to South Africa three times before her marriage to Prince Albert II, according to reports in French newspapers.

Fairytale turns sour

The couple's glittering religious wedding drew crowds of thousands to the Mediterranean principality on Saturday and the guest list included a host of heads of state, European royals and stars of the fashion and sports world.

But sources cited by Le Journal du Dimanche said the former Charlene Wittstock, 33, tried to take refuge in her country's embassy in Paris when she went to the French capital in May to try on her wedding dress.

Instead palace officials confiscated her passport and persuaded her to take part in the weekend's nuptials.