Sunday, April 17, 2011

update to dream section

This is just a minor one but it was so vivid I have to write it down before it fades:
Last night, the night before a full moon in Scorpio, I dreamed I was freighthopping through industrial areas that were abandoned except for a heavy military presence. I had thought that the train I was on was destined for a remote grainery but, to my surprise, we pulled into a warehouse setting crowded with people. It turned out to be a hospital and there was a massive medical team in charge of forcibly administering vaccinations. I got off the train because it was being searched and ended up in the line for vaccinations since that's where everyone was being funneled. A lot of the people around me appeared to be sick. A nurse came up to me and explained the way the procedure would work, that I would need to receive an injection and then be quarantined inside the lower floors of the hospital. I informed her that I would be opting out of the vaccination and she was not having that. As the line continued moving forward I looked around me and saw there was a door to my right and the guards outside were busy talking. I ran outside and resorted to a lucid dreaming technique that has worked in almost every nightmare I've had in recent times. I started flying, which was a wonderful feeling because I was never able to do this before, meaning that I was just trapped inside the nightmare, seemingly without end. As I did so the guards seemed to become less aware of me right away. Actually, the dream itself was less aware. Beneath me was the receding empty shell of an endlessly sprawling city, which looked as if it had recently been the target of heavy bombing. At this point I woke up suddenly, at around 3 AM, and have been unable to go back to sleep since.